Nieuport 28 floatplane, U.S. Navy, 1919.

Started by CSMO, July 30, 2016, 07:03:12 PM

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The Navy flew Nieuport 28s and Hanriot-Dupont HD.2s post-WW!. When personnel at Pensacola got the bright idea to fix a Nieuport with damaged wheeled landing gear by installing a set of surplus Hanriot floats, This machine came to life.

The airframe is a stock Revell(GB) Nieuport 28 kit built OOB sans wheel landing gear and rudder. The floats, struts, and enlarged fin/rudder are surplus from an HR Models Hanriot-Dupont HD.2 kit.

The parts fit perfectly, needing only drilling of two holes in the fuselage.

Testors #1110 Medium Blue mixed with some Humbrol Light Grey and #1114 Gloss Yellow were used for the paint colors. The colors matched the photographs that I had recently taken of the restored Curtiss NC-4 flying boat displayed at the U.S. Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola, Florida.

The decals came from the scrapbox. The floats are painted with Tamiya Clear Turn Signal Amber acrylic. The model is completely brush-painted.

Adios, Larry.
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Not really my type of thing but looks good anyway! :thumbsup:
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Larry, is that the 1/72 Revell? Glad to know I wasn't the only one whiffing a Nieuport 28 serving in the Navy, lol
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I really like that. Type of thing that might of happened back then and I'm suprised it didn't.

Great job on the floats.  :thumbsup:
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I like it. Would have made a welcome stablemate to the Hanriot in France.

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Nice colours, nice model. :thumbsup:
Is this "Navy" the US-Navy? (I did not know these roundels) <_<
[the word "realistic" hurts my heart...]


Roundels used in combat by the American Expeditionary Force in France and briefly post-WW1. Adios, Larry.
"Field Artillery brings dignity to what otherwise would be merely a vulgar brawl."

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That looks good - I especially like the finish on the floats. :thumbsup:


Nice job! And refreshng to see something more "classical" than those flame spitting newfangled jets.  ;D
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Very nice, and the colorful livery is pretty, too.  :thumbsup:

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Great job ! Love those big 'ol boots ! I have a soft spot for them from my Grandfather's old RC Antic plane.

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