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Started by b29r, July 29, 2016, 01:41:59 PM

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Just when it seemed the Rotodyne concept was doomed to failure, the USAF expressed interest in having a medium lift helicopter to be available for supporting the DEW line. Noise issues were of no concern, particularly in light of the mission, and the tremendous capabilities that the Rotodyne offered.

So it was that Sikorsky entered into a joint venture arrangement with Westland to produce the Falcon under license. The aircraft had a number of modifications to the original design, which included more powerful engines, airframe strengthening, advanced avionics, and other mission requirements. The aircraft was designated CH-140, and named the Falcon, although crews nicknamed it " Ol' Thunder Britches". Sikorsky tried to market the aircraft to civil operators in the US, but without success.

This particular machine is a CH-140A, and was assigned to the 611th Air Support Group, supporting stations of the Olitok Long Range Radar Range in Alaska. In all, 201 aircraft were built, which included 13 service test machines. The Falcon enjoyed a long career, with the last machines retired in 1985. She had an enviable service record, with no fatalities recorded, and only three crash-landings, all due to weather.  One Falcon is preserved at the SAC Museum in Bellevue, Nebraska, while two others are still active with Coulson Flying Services as fire fighters.

This is of course the old Airfix Rotodyne, and it seemed to me that it needed a more noble ending than the one it did receive.  Not perfect by any means, but fun.  Haven't posted in ages, so please forgive me.

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Not perfect but damn near ! That looks awesome ! Love the colour scheme and can just imagine her whirring around doing her thing. certainly be the envy of all the other slow-movers !

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Excellent!  ;D I love the colour scheme and how it looks on your 'Falcon'
Oh to be whiffing again :-(


Most impressive!!  Rotodyne history as it ought to have been!
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Great idea having her for DEW support!  The runways the used in real life were dangerous.

She turned out great.  How did you tint the windows?

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Decals my @r$e!

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Wow. I love the Rotodyne a lot, it is a very pretty design. This livery looks very good. And you did a very nice paint job!
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Brilliant, all that rivetty goodness in a delicious red package.

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Another ill conceived, lazily thought out, crudely executed and badly painted piece of half arsed what-if modelling muppetry from zenrat industries.

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Sweet. I like the paint scheme a lot.  :thumbsup:


Thanks all for your kind remarks.  I hope to get a few more wifs posted in the coming months to inflict upon you.  I sure enjoy seeing all the cool projects and builds here.

-- Dave:  The window tint is simply blue food coloring "borrowed" from SWMBO, and mixed with Future, and applied with a brush to the inside surface.  Takes a few coats to get there.  Learned this from CSMO a while back, and it works pretty good.


Good to see Sikorsky licensing a Westland product instead of the other way round  ;D