A 1/32 1930 Ford A Pick-Up with a 1/35 WW II Harley Davidson WLA.

Started by MaxHeadroom, June 29, 2016, 11:35:59 AM

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Now I like to report of the build of my new project:
What if the german Wehrmacht has requisitioned a 1930 Ford A from a south-french lavender- or wine-farmer after occupying "Vichy France"?
What if after Operation Dragoon (the alliied invasion of France at the shores of the mediterranian sea from August, 15th 1944 on) the US-Army had liberated this Ford A Pick-Up and take it into US-service?
What if a US-Army dispatch rider of Operation Dragoon has a breakdown with his Harley Davidson WLA?
What if the Harley was loaded on the Ford and was carried to the next US-Army repair center?

I hope, all these whatif's will find your mercy/boon.  :-\

Let me explain the kits.
On my desk there are kits from different worlds: a third-world-like kit and a hightech-first-world kit!
I'am foolhardy to combine these kits.
The third-world kit is a Lindberg kit, a company located in the United States of America, a country of self-assured technicians, flying to the moon (and fighting hightech-wars against worldwide evil without -of course- ANY imperialistic intention ;) ).  :banghead:
The hightech kit is a MiniArt kit, a company located in the Ukraine, a post-soviet, strange country, having massive economic problems (and fighting against former imperialistic supremacy in a more or less low-tech mode). :bow:

The Ford A kit: crude, poor details, 34 parts, no chrome despite of the fact ist's a civil model, no decals (no licence plate decals, dashboard decals, e. g.).
The Harley WLA: finest artwork, details you mostly only see by using a magnifying glass, 108 parts, photo-etched parts, decals for different versions (Army and Military Police).

See the boxes:


Are you interested to follow my project?



Well Norbert,
I will certainly follow this one with interest.
Anything with that many What If conditions attached to it just has to be good.  :thumbsup:

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I'm glad, you grant my collection of whatifs!

First, I'll continue a bit to compare the (culture-clashed) kits:
Item 1/2:

Here you see 13 of 34 parts of the Ford A and the car is nearly complete. :o
The rest of the parts are 10 for the wheels and some other for the aditional parts like the headlightbar and so on.
The first highlight is the thermometer and it's wings on the coolermask viewed from the front (!). Viewed from the driver's seat, it's ... plain!  :banghead:
The second (close to) good detail is the stucture of the woodden planks of the plankbed. BUT: From above (!) you will find FOUR ejector marks. Why the hell, aren't they at the underside?  :angry:
The third (and last) one you can find on the backside: It's the perfectly detailed Ford-oval (In Germany we call it "Fordpflaume" [Pflaume = plum].) on the clapperboard of the load area's edging.

Item 2/2:

It's the heart of the Harley, it's engine, a part of the frame and some needful things to keep an engine running: 22 of 108 parts!  :bow:
Compare the lines of the working-mat and you see, what I mean.
Each cylinder is made of three parts! Perfectly detailed cylinderhead; coolingfins, screw heads and pushrod-tubes ...!
Damn! This is my first model containing photo etched parts and I CAN'T choose between plastic parts and photo etched parts. I'm afraid of. :blink:

And now a very important question: Do I jabber too much? Do use too much words by reporting about my builds and experiences?



Quote from: MaxHeadroom on July 02, 2016, 09:50:33 AM
...Do I jabber too much?...

Yes,  But don't ever stop.   ;D

Ironically, if Ford made cars the way Harley Davidson make bikes they would still be producing Model A's.

- Can't be bothered to do the proper research and get it right.

Another ill conceived, lazily thought out, crudely executed and badly painted piece of half arsed what-if modelling muppetry from zenrat industries.

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The Lindberg kit is an old PYRO mould from the early 1960s that was later released by Life-Like models prior to
Lindbergh acquiring the moulds.


Thank you joncarrfarrelly, for this information.
I didn't know this fact and, because on the box and on the assembly-information is printed: Copyright by Lindberg Ltd. 2006, I had have the honest opinion, the kit is of 2006.

Nevertheless, here some new pics of the Harley WLA after processing 78 of 108 parts:


Meanwhile, I have a certain affection to photo-etched parts, inspite of the fact, they are sometimes difficult to handle. Especially the two tiny, little, midget, diminutive butterfly-nuts at the top of the battery-case were a real serious challenge to put them upright at the correct position without letting them vanish to the modeller's nirvana. ;)

The next steps will be: adding some scratch-built parts to the Ford A's interior and body applications and cables, wires, etc. Furthermore painting/varnishing the inner structures (frame, engine, etc.) of the WLA, before applying saddle, windshield, rifle-holder, saddlebags and other accessoirs preventing access with a brush to the inner parts of the motorcycle.

Cheers, Norbert/Max!