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Started by NARSES2, May 12, 2016, 06:42:06 AM

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Right your finished builds can go in here. 3 pictures per build max and please post a link to the build thread it'self.


Decals my @r$e!

comrade harps

A6M9 Hadō ryū
Kani, Honshu. Japan
302 Tokkō Tai Kokutai, March 1946

Full story and WIP at http://www.whatifmodelers.com/index.php/topic,42299.msg730266/topicseen.html


comrade harps

General Motors Eastern Division FM-3B Wildcat
a/c 410, Composite Squadron VC-4, U.S. Navy
USS Kitkun Bay, 1 March, 1946

Build thread: http://www.whatifmodelers.com/index.php/topic,42352.msg731209.html#msg731209



SeaMaster support, USS ASHLAND

by Sandiego89

USS ASHLAND configured to support P6M SeaMasters as part of the US Navy Seaplane Striking Force.  Early 1960. 

Scratch built, 1/426 Scale. 

build thread: http://www.whatifmodelers.com/index.php/topic,42325.0.html
Dave "Sandiego89"
Chesapeake, Virginia, USA

Leading Observer

Lockheed Starfighter S.2, 736 Squadron, RNAS Lossiemouth 1973
In the late 1960's The Admiralty became increasingly worried about the threat to the large carriers posed by the anti-ship missile capability of the USSR, especially those which were supersonic in theire attack run. To develop effective countermeasures, it was decided that a fairly small, extremely fast aircraft could be used to simulate these cruise missile attacks. The aircraft selected for this role was the Lockheed F-104G Starfighter, and a small order for 12 aircraft was placed in 1969 with deliveries commencing in 1972. 736 NAS, having been disbanded in 1972, was reformed the following year to operate the type. Typical missions would involve a climb to altitude and then a dive down to low level and a supersonic run towards the target carrier group. These mock attacks allowed NATO to develop more effective counter-measures. Needless to say, the pilots of 736 NAS especially enjoyed running in against the US Navy Carrier groups.


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Grumman Bearcat FB.2 of No.807 Squadron FAA operating from HMS Theseus in 1949

The failure of Hawker to successfully develop the Hawker Sea Fury led to Grumman Bearcats being ordered and serving with the Royal Navy in the 1940s and early 1950s

build thread here http://www.whatifmodellers.com/index.php/topic,42560.0.html
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Grumman/Folland Bearcat D.Mk.3a Bearcat (aka Bearbat / the Prickly Bear)

More pics and background info here: http://www.whatifmodellers.com/index.php/topic,42563.0.html
Oh to be whiffing again :-(