Japanese Ki-46 Dinah III finished

Started by matrixone, May 03, 2016, 04:30:45 PM

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Here is the 1/48 scale Tamiya Dinah III that was recently finished, the model was built SFTB while the markings came from an Aeromaster sheet.



Great weathering! Interesting main green/drab/brownish color.   Great job :thumbsup:

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I love the shape of this version with the smooth nose.  Like a flying dolphin.
Good work.  RW?

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Another ill conceived, lazily thought out, crudely executed and badly painted piece of half arsed what-if modelling muppetry from zenrat industries.

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Thanks guys!

Yes its real world. :-\



Quote from: zenrat on May 03, 2016, 05:08:08 PM
I love the shape of this version with the smooth nose.
So do I!
Thanks for the enjoyment showing us this rare model. ;D
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 :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: Good modelling. I like that a lot. You have certainly nailed that colour :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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Thanks guys!

My next Dinah will be what-if, here are a couple more images of the Tamiya Dinah.



Quote from: Dork the kit slayer on May 04, 2016, 05:17:56 AM
You have certainly nailed that colour :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Absolutely, looks spot on  :thumbsup: Superb model  :bow:
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Quote from: matrixone on May 04, 2016, 06:19:51 PM

Looking at that picture made me wonder if the engines are the same size as the BMW 801 which would make a simple whiff if they are.

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I know it's in a book I have around here somewhere....


Thanks NARSES2 and Gondor!

Years ago I made a what-if Luftwaffe Dinah and put BMW engines on it and as I found out the Japanese engines were a smaller diameter than the BMW's...they can be made to fit the airframe but its not just a perfect drop in fit.



As everyone already said, excellent work! You sure know how to make them look real, all the pics are great but that first and last ones are just too good! :thumbsup: :bow:

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Thank you DogfighterZen!

Sadly I have not been able to find any photographs of airworthy Dinah's that had much weathering on them so I took the weathering on this model to the limit based on the photographs available to me.
I really like warplanes that actually look like they were in a shooting war and this Dinah barely qualifies as a warplane.



The Ki 46 is a great looking aircraft = almost French in design.  You paint job is a cracker as always. Your photos are super.

Thanks for sharing.


Thanks for looking dumaniac!