Which Would be Better,Kitbash or Scratch Build?

Started by Cobra, April 12, 2016, 10:39:48 PM

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Hey Guys, Recently, i got an Idea Inspired by Steampunk! I Am Unsure about which Way to Go,Scratch Build kitbash a Land Leviathan! i was Also inspired by some Builds that were posted here. Unsure what Scale or Which way to go. What Say You? thanks For Looking. Dan


Please define your "Land Leviathan". Scratching is probably the most effective, but also most challenging way to go. But you have control over the design, and learn a lot outside the box.  ;D
On the other side, finding a donation kit as conversion basis can be tricky in itself - unique things are rare, pricey, and in some cases it takes a lot of effort to create something that is unique or close to a benchmark and that does not look like a modified stock kit.


I'm thinking something like a Battleship or Other Warship with Treads on it. does That Help? Dan


For something like your proposal a mixture of both would probably work best. Saying that its up to the modeller and what they are attempting to achieve. I am betting that you will find something to either base your build on or have a selection of parts that you want to use which you will have to scratch build parts to get them to fit together or simply to add details.

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I know it's in a book I have around here somewhere....


Dan, I used a bit of kit and scratch build for my Land Battleship that I built from an inspiration from a 1934 Science and Mechanics magazine cover. Submitted on WHIF a few years ago. I recommend using a kit for the main parts unless you want a huge scratch building job and you have the skills to do it.  Battleship curves are tricky.  I agree with Dizzy that scratch building would give you the most challenges and perhaps reward, but like Gondor I think a mix would be the best for you.  Even with starting with a kit hull and assemblies, you will still have loads for work to do to scratch up and customize the rest.  

1/700 Scale USS ARIZONA for the hull, and lots of sheet styrene for the treads, flight deck, etc.  Easter egg also! and a travel shampoo bottle for the smokestack!  I believe this gives it enough flair to make it not look like a stock kit, but enough of a tie to a real ship-  which is a basis for most Steampunk perhaps. Battleships in the 1/700 scale or some on the 1/500 scale are plentiful and inexpensive.  1/350 scale would get pricy and the details would make you crazy.  I scratch built a base to represent European country side.

Titled Land Battleship: "sorry about your village"

With the magazine cover.  Sorry about the picture focus.

Kit in gray, scratch styrene in white.  

Full build here: http://www.whatifmodelers.com/index.php/topic,37605.0/highlight,sorry+about+your+village.html

Hope that help- Dave

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I remember this build! It was awesome!

To answer Cobra's question, I would consider something like the battleship hull as used by Sandiego89. Perhaps some 1/72nd tank hulls and treads to save lots of scratch building time. Some good sized derricks to lift heavy ammo and supplies.
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Think it might be a Bit Cheeky to use a Submarine Hull to make a Retro-Futuristic Looking Craft? I'll see what I can Find at my LHS, But that is Gonna Be a Doozy. Thanks For The Respnses Everyone. Dan


" Somewhere, between half true, and completely crazy, is a rainbow of nice colours "
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