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Started by Ollie, October 16, 2004, 08:19:29 PM

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Can you guess what it is?

I'm writting a review this week for Modeling Madness.



It puts me in mind of the Me-410, but the nose and wings aren't right.
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It's a Fw-187, and a very nicely done one.
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John Howling Mouse

Hey Ollie,
Did you (or somebody?)  handpaint the logo on the nose?????

Is that the same logo as appears on your beloved CFWOL (and the "Squadron" mail order logo)?

More pics, eh?

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Beautiful plane there Ollie, but doesn't that big black eagel constitute nose art??
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Thanks guys!!

Barry, the nose marking is a decal.  I'm not that good!  Toad is good though, he painted the "Lark One" art on the tail of a F-4!!  And it's the same logo!

Lancer, it's not nose art, it's the squadron's marking, just like ZG 1 had a large shark mouth and other units had other stuff.  VF-27 had a cat's mouth on their Hellcats.

And I'm not against nose art on a model, especially if I'm representing a famed aircraft.

But I'll never put one on any aircraft that I might own.

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Looking good, Ollie !

Good thing for us that Hitler was such an idiot !

CANADA KICKS arse !!!!

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Is that the resin jobbie you were fighting a while back?
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Eh Ol', nice Wulf mate!


Yeap, that's the one Nev!

Thanks Swamphen.

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