USAF '46 night fighter

Started by Ollie, October 02, 2004, 03:22:16 PM

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Two weeks ago I drew this beastie.

It has 4 20mm guns under the nose, a radar in a streamlined nose cone, radar operator under the bubble at the rear.

It's a mix of a few country designs : US style canopy, British style bubble for the guy at the back and German like engine nacelles and tail.

Power would be two R-4360s.



[the word "realistic" hurts my heart...]


I see lots of potential in that design.  The production fighter version would likely delete the tail guns and the rear station, though they might be retained for a photo recon version.  I could see a later model being used for COIN and truck raids in Vietnam.

If one added a search radar in a blister underneath, traded out the tail guns for a MAD stinger, and hung torpedoes on her, it might work as an ASW bird for carriers not large enough to support larger aircraft (remember that the P-2 Neptune was originally intended to operate from large carriers).
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Now that I like, so when you going to build her, B-26 wings?
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P.S. she'd look even better in RCN colours  ;)  
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It reminds me of some US "46" designs, like the Douglas Mixmaster and it's all jet sibling the "Jetmaster" ? Lovely looker, wonder what the nose art would be ?

I thing Anigrand have the MiIxmaster/Jetmaster on next years release list, so do we now get USAAF/USN/USMC 46 ? I hope so as there were some wonderfull looking designs.

If WWII had carried on would we still have got a USAF ? or would we have continued with the USAAF ?

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No intent on building that!

I'm busy enough already without doing what Thorvic does!!

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