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Started by Biggles, October 02, 2004, 02:05:32 PM

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Here's my model of the BAe Sparrowhawk F.1, a low-cost, fly-by-wire, RSS aircraft, optimised for the lightweight dogfighter role, and designed to compliment the Tornado F.3 for air defence duties.  Based on the Hawk 200 airframe, with the wings moved aft, twin tails and canards with LERX, the Sparrowhawk is powered by a single RB.199, and carries an advanced avionics suite.

The model represents a Sparrowhawk F.1 of 92 Sqn, RAF at Gutersloh, West Germany, in 1990.



Thats very cool- thanks for sharing ;)
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Quotemy model of the BAe Sparrowhawk
twin tails
Twin-tails may have meant twin-booms :) , while it is just twin-fins :( ... I clap my hands anyway: wonderful model :) . Greatly enriching the Hawk family, far more than just one more Mk with updated electronics - so sad  :(  compared to your marvel. :wub:  
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Ace bit of modelling and is that a Matchbox F-104 tail pipe I spy
:D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  
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Oh WOW!!. That is simply stunning Biggles. I love it.  
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She's definately preaty  :wub:  
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Biggles.....that's just wicked !

I'll have to build one now ! How many Hawks we got on site now ? We're kicking donkey !

Now...if only somebody would do them in 350th scale.......I could see a whole carrier full of 'em !

CANADA KICKS arse !!!!

Long Live the Commonwealth !!!
Vive les Canadiens !
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Love it, I bet it kicks Tornado donkey everytime! ^_^  

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Now that's what I call a true What If-----guy just jumps in fearlessly and does whatever is required to come up with a great, original kitbash!

Now, come to think of it-----where did me own testes end up?  Ooo-ya, Ms. Hitler's got 'em as part of the nuptuals!

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Hey, somebody actually finished a model around here!  :o  :D

Very nice, and plausible enough to fool the JMNs. I like it!  :wub:  :cheers:  
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  I just love canards!


QuoteI just love canards!
Glenn/Lyn: you told it to me once, but I forgot to send you my personnal favourite canard (with Tony Buttler's P.1233-1 :wub: ) the Bronco counterpart with foreplane in the N.A. COIN program... (below):wub:

Uh, of course, I am not condemning the twin-boom Bronco as less cute, not me, I mean : I dream of a Zwilling of this canard, both twin-fuselage and canard.

Though, the leading authors declare such a shape forbidden : to be called 'twin-boomer' an airplane MUST have the booms AFT of the wing! Why, sir? Because, I am THE expert, and the objection of a non-professional, moreover guilty of what-ifness, is absolutely condemned, shut-up, Mr Toff! Publication is now forbidden for you, you know it, and you may be sent to the psychiatric asylum if you ever object anymore. Stupid!

If someday my name does not appear anymore, like Alvis' and Salt6 ones before coming back, like many others that were great and are not here anymore it seems(D-ONUT, Linzifox, Meece, Libelula...), maybe I will be in a little white cell with tape on my mouth and a tied right-hand... Glenn/Lyn: before saying publicly that you love canards, just ask yourself: is this love authorised? Are there canard/airliners on the market? Piaggio and Rutan engineers have escaped from punishment, admitting publicly they have been wrong. Listen to the official tapes showing them saying it. And change your mind, writing you were wrong too. This Western World is the Liberty one, but it is not authorised to love Hitler or his Saddam son. Obey the law. You must love the good airplane models, as defined by experts & JMNs. :angry:  Be very careful, OK? Obeyance or prison? :angry:  

For the others: make Glenn/Lyn change back in the good direction (canards are in the wrong direction! the tail must be AFT!), or this site may be closed down, do you understand?

(this anger is a Joke) :)  
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Tophe, where did you find such a lovely creation?  I don't know that I'd butcher one of my OV-10s to make such a thing, but I might use that image as a jumping-off point for a more ambitious kitbash.  I like that.  It's sort of a Vari-Viggen on steroids as attack aircraft.
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QuoteTophe, where did you find such a lovely creation?
:( Oh sorry, thanks Jschmus  :) to wake me up: I have forgotten to mention the source: Flying Review International, October 1965 (from my wonderful friend Paul). And the other pictures inside are wonderful either, see one below (I think I have already posted the other ones, Float-Bronco and push-pull Bronco, in another topic several months ago, I am not sure).

:wacko:  :angry: Uh... I mean: the lovely Bronco below is bad, your Honor, I admit. Twin-wing is bad, Twin-boom is bad, Canard is bad, the Truth belong to Boeing-Airbus and Coca-Cola and George Bush. I was just joking, like out friend Glenn/Lyn, and the whole subject here: just smiling, your Honor. "What-if" means "let us have fun in absurdity", not going seriously in the wrong direction. The proper Hawk has a tail aft, and only one fuselage/boom. The canard one was just a joke with a beer, uh, yes a beer lasting a few weeks to built and paint the model, uh, before becoming serious again, of course. We will be innocent again, almost, your Honor, we will try...
[the word "realistic" hurts my heart...]