Started by Mairfrog, September 29, 2004, 02:19:20 PM

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Lummey! I've got to turn this...



...in time for the Nats. At the same time I'm starting my final year project at university so time isn't available in abundance. I already hate the resin as it's horribly hard and apparently poisonous, according to the instructions. How poisonous? Chlorine gas poisonous? The smell of an old fish? Forty ciggies a day for forty years? They don't say so one must assume it's as bad as the fish.  :(

Oh missus! The whole saga, replete with predictable disasters and easily avoided frustrations, is being documented in my little Yahoo group.

What could possibly go wrong?  B)   :blink:  :dum:


Hi Simon

The Resin dust is toxic but its more from building up in the lungs, so the odd kit ain't too bad. A face mask is handy, but i did cut mine outside to minimise the risk.

A good Razor saw often helps with the mould lugs (BTW the Original Casting has virtually none when compared to the latest mouldings !!!!!.)

Once the parts are tidied up and test fitted, you'll note a large gap between wing and the fuselage getting worse towards the intakes. Best to superglue some plastic strips on the fwd part of the wing box to to fill the gap before resorting to filler.

I'll let Lee describe the Intake build procedure as he has it down to a tee !!! B)

Good Luck and i look forward to seeing it in November.

Geoff B  B)

(Wouldn't a proper plastic kit by Airfix in 1/72 be much easier  ;) )


Lucky Sod ^_^

One other thingy about dust, try and do all your sanding wet if possible. Not only is it generally a smoother finish, but it knocks the dust down to nothing. Just remember to not use the water bowl your using for your oatmeal in the morning. I also use a product called resin prep that really helps the glue and paint hold on tight. It's a wicked product however, so be cautious with it if you get some.

Cheers chum and I have faith in ya.

Getting back into modeling


Hey there Simon, not seen you round these parts for a while.  Where you been at lately?

Oh, and what are you doing your TSR2 as?
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Sales of Airfix kits plummeted in the 1980s, and GCSEs had to be made easier as a result - James May


Hey at least you HAVE a TSR.2 kit.  I'm still too poor to buy one......... :(  :(  :(



Like all companies, the injection kit will always come out when somebody finally finishes the vactorm/resin kit.  So maybe Airfix will announce the TSR.2 when Simon's done.

So goooooooooooooo Simon!

PS Simon, did you get my reply on BACPhoenix on wet sanding?
"We can resolve this over tea and fisticuffs!!!"


Yes thanks. I always sand wet anyway but it's a must with this dust. Funny stuff, smells like shoe shops.

My TSR 2 will be good old XR220. She lives down the road (30 miles) from me so I can examine every rivet in minute, JMN-ish detail. It's also an easy paint job, this kit needs to be quick and it's painting that takes ages for me.

There's loads of grief to be had with this kit as many of you know already. I console myself by thinking 'At least it's not the vacform'. Even so, it's already starting to look splendidly big and pointy and should make an excellent model.

Just imagine what it'd be like in styrene. Ooh, the joybells would ring!


QuoteIt's also an easy paint job
Ahhh, you're using Halford White Primer then Appliance White then?  :P  
Between almost-true and completely-crazy, there is a rainbow of nice shades - Tophe

Sales of Airfix kits plummeted in the 1980s, and GCSEs had to be made easier as a result - James May

Jeffry Fontaine

Not having the opportunity to see the actual kit in person, I noticed that the main fuselage component appears to have what looks like a weapons bay cavity.  Is that correct?  And does the kit provide for actual placement of a weapon shape within this cavity?  Or does it leave that part to your creative imagination?

Inquiring minds wish to know more about this...
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'Fraid not, Jeffrey, the cavity is under the wing seat. It's probably a token attempt to save weight as the rest of the fus is solid. The bomb bay is cast shut.

Me and this kit have not got off to a good start. I reckon Zhengdefu could manage a better fit. The wing must be raised since the forward fus is too tall but it's not that simple. The fus under the wing needs building out too and that means blending styrene into resin and redoing surface detail.

My rear fus is bent, a real banana shape. I've heard you can soften resin in hot water and straighten it up. What are the chances of it working on a solid part two inches thick made from the world's hardest resin? Not as high as the chances of the jet pipes crushing, I'll wager.

We so need an Airfix TSR 2, this one is a right git.  <_<  


Thanks for the tips, Wooks, I've taken the liberty of putting them in BACPhoenix as a file. I'll have a go at your method, certainly sounds easier than fiddling around with the brass bits. If I ever get that far, that is.

I'm going to try straightening my rear fus tonight. I predict utter disaster with crushed jet pipes and an axial twist. If you can find a spare one I'd be grateful for it, I'll PM you about it.

Herein lies the rub:


Wow, I never knew the TSR2 dressed to the right  :lol:  
Between almost-true and completely-crazy, there is a rainbow of nice shades - Tophe

Sales of Airfix kits plummeted in the 1980s, and GCSEs had to be made easier as a result - James May


If I can successfully build this resin monster and make a half decent model out of it, then you should have no problem at all.
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