RAF F-16s

Started by Nick, September 14, 2004, 04:17:06 PM

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1972 - MRCA/Tornado project collapses due to economic and political difficulties.
1974 - Canberra fleet is refurbished again.
1975 - Britain joins the Lockheed 'Sale of the Century'.
1979 - First RAF F-16s are delivered from the BAe production lines.
1984 - RAF trials the F-16XL, considering it for a ground attack role and extended overwater patrols.
1985 - The Soviet Union races for the French coast. Replacement F-16s are rushed in from the USA and temporary camouflage added at bases while missions are planned.

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Camo scheme - still needs aircraft numbers adding.


Are these yer entries in the teenybopper build?

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I take it ther'e 1/144 again Nick ?

Also was it you on the Balcony of the Palace monday ?
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QuoteI take it ther'e 1/144 again Nick ?

Also was it you on the Balcony of the Palace monday ?
Funny, I asked GeoffB the same question
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Nice F-16's caped crusader.............
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As my butler Alfred will confirm, it was not me on the balcony. Honest! :P

I forgot about the Teenybopper build, when I finish the camo-16 it should get entered. Do remind me one day...

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Yet another great Viper What if.  Looks real nice in RAF colors :)  :f16:  
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