Fisher P-75 Eagle,

Started by Glenn, September 10, 2004, 07:42:00 PM

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You know I'm into weird things, (just take my lifestyle) well, add this to the list! Having side views from US Fighters and William Greens' pocket book of fighters, it seemed like an interresting model to make. So far, it's been the most expensive!

Fuselage/inner wings and tail assembly....Hasagawa 1/48th SBD
Outer wing panels..................................Airfix 1/48th F-40 Kittyhawk

The cockpit is from the SBU, the nose and under intake are wood and the trim is plasticard. I was having trouble with the props, until I bought a P-38, but still need a F4U for the undercart. They made 14 P-75's, and none survived, although mine will be a production model, note the wing guns. I've been on her for a couple of years and probably finish her in a couple of years.




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I always liked the idea of the P-75, a real life kitbash.  It nice to see one in model form.
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If memory serves me correctly, the production P-75A was a major redesign from the first prototype.  I'd have to check the references, but I seem to remember they hired Don Berliner away from Curtiss and he did a thorough redesign.
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QuoteFuselage/inner wings and tail assembly....Hasagawa 1/48th SBD.  Outer wing panels....Airfix 1/48th F-40 Kittyhawk.
The cockpit is from the SBU, the nose and under intake are wood and the trim is plasticard. I was having trouble with the props, until I bought a P-38, but still need a F4U for the undercart.
:)  Amazing... Great construction !  Not enough words in my English dictionary to congratulate enough, dear Glenn/Lyn... :)  
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Now you've made me go and find my 1/72 FEResin one, and while I was there I turned the Airacuda up as well.

Oh well more late nights with super glue  :zzz:  
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There's a P-75 in storage at the USAF Museum after it was donated by the Smithsonian in 1977. Trouble is that it needs serious restoration before it can go on display including a total rebuild. IIRC it was forgotten and later found under a pile of unlisted parts during an audit.

P-75 at USAF Museum
P-75 pic Click on the pic at the bottom of the page.

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Glenn, all I can say is WOW!!
I'd been thinking about doing a P-75 for long time but at always looked quite a task so if I was wearing a hat at the moment I would take it off to you.
Can't wait to see her finished.
All the best
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Now, that's cool!  :wub:

BUT, as Evan pointed out, you can't make a P-75A out of that.  :( It was drastically different...



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This has inspired me to dust off the workbenches and get back into some serious kitbashing...fantastic work, Glenn!   And your subject is definitely going to stand out no matter where it is displayed.


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Excellent! I always like to see someone taking on a classic rare plane like the P-75. Can't way to see the end result.  :D

In want of hobby space!  The kitchen table is never stable.  Still managing to get some building done.


I cannot see the pictures of dear Swamphen, so I post what I found :
[the word "realistic" hurts my heart...]


Fantastic, Awsome, like the man says can't wait to see it finished.

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Tophe - it's probably because those pix are on the U.S. Air Force Museum site. Can't have foreign spies stealing the secrets of a 50-year-old aircraft that was just about a total failure!  :P

See if this works:

The pix I posted were #s 4 and 5.


This is what it looks like, from underneath! The w-i-d-e undercart, and the 'bloody big intake'. I've left the wing bomb farings, I'll put long range tanks there.
The thing I can't work out is, how the 4 nose cannons were to fire through the contra rotating props?