kitbash-scratch built with some PingPong

Started by Aircav, September 01, 2004, 01:40:32 PM

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You can see more of his stuff here:


I admire his kitbashing talent.  He takes components from wildly different models and other sources and combines them to form machines that seem totally natural.
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Funky stuff, wicked looking.  B)

Sci-fi is, by definition, what-if, so anything there will fit here. But what happens if you what-if a sci-fi subject? :wacko:  
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Good question Joe... And that's a paradox...

Browsing throught the Junkyard, here's what I found :


Wow, thats some amazing modelling there  :wub:  
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If like this stuff check out this web site. This guy has cataloged every SF3D kit that was ever made some of the gear here is truely awsome.


Click on Machinen Kreiger Resource and enjoy.

The fun part is seeing what kit parts he has used to creat these fantastic vehicles.

Plenty of inspiration here.

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