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Started by Sisko, August 22, 2004, 04:41:54 AM

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This is my mercenary/Pirate F16, I was going to wait until it was finished but I decided instead to show some in progress shots.

It is some way from being finished as I had a bit of a set back with the Tamiya clear gloss that I used. When I masked off the clear glossed parts to paint the matt grey, where the tape was created an orange peel effect with the clear gloss. This meant that I had to re-spray the clear gloss. The tail however was a complete wipe out and I will have sand back and start again.

Bit of a bummer but not the end of the world.


Regards Sisko.

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Get this Cheese to sick bay!


Get this Cheese to sick bay!


Lovely bit of painting Sisko :wub:  :wub:  :wub:  :wub:
I may just hang up my airbrush now........ :(  :unsure:
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Davey B

Gorgeous!  :wub:

Now where's the skull & crossbones going?


:o  :o  :o  :o

AMAZING!!! paint job  :)  
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I have to ask. What scale is that? The way you blended the paint makes it look like a 32nd scale or larger F-16. I'm simply astonished at how smooth the transition is. You know it's one thing to that kind of blend on a motorcycle tank or a fender, but around the complex curves of a tiny model without blowing out the line on the curves and chines. well done. And don't forget to pop it into the Teenie bopper competition.

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Captain Zoom-zoom I presume?  ^_^  ;)  :cheers:  :f16:  
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Very neat painting my friend!

I love it!

:lol:  :wub:  


Thanks for the kind comments, it's actually 1/48th scale. It's the Old Tamiya kit this puppy is at least 15 years old and while it is a Tamiya it still had a few issues during the build. I should have it finished in the week I will then post it and I have a back story to go with it.

This is the kit that I was working on when I drilled my finger. I decided to go with a full load out of bombs and Napalm. Being a mercenary airforce you can't be to picky and choosey where you get your ordinance from. I have decided that the wing tip rails will have French air to air missiles. I have not made up my mind what kind yet.  

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How did you pulled the flames on the nose?


John Howling Mouse

But, but----where are all the paint runs and grainy texture that
are the hallmark of my own airbrushing efforts?!?!

Seriously: beautiful work.  What are the intended markings to go with
the paintjob?  I'm guessing you used Frisket film or Tamiya tape for the
"negative" mask?

As for your gloss-coating trials: Do you not like using Future (or Klear) for your gloss coats?
Might be less finicky than Tamiya's, which I used to have problems with as well.

Please keep us posted with in-progress pics.  This makes our appreciation of the efforts it took to get to the final subject that much more intense.

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Hello John

you are correct I used frisket film or as it is called in OZ masking film to mask the flame job. I drew the flames freehand on a sheet of paper and then transfered it to the masking film.

I then used fine dress making scissors (don't tell the missus) to cut the masking film.

The paint job on the nose was painted first and the flame job masked over the top. I wanted a gloss / matt contrast with the paint job and I am pretty happy with the overall effect.

We have a local equivelent of Future but having not used it before I want experiment with it before I use it on a "live" model.

To be honest I did not expect the problems with the Tamiya gloss that I got. The gloss coat had at least a week to dry I thought that I was safe. Oh well chalk it up to experience.

Davey I plan to have skull and crosss bones on the outer wing panels. I will have to do the skull and cross bones free hand boy is that going to be fun. NOT!!!  :ar:

I will try to take some updated photos in the next couple of days.

Till then

Regards Sisko

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Please find below some updated shots of my pirate f16
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