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Started by Sisko, July 18, 2004, 03:57:55 PM

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Hi Guys just finished my latest project.

This is a model of many firsts. First Tamiya Kit, First Amour kit and first kit if a real subject. I know it is what if but I thought that you might enjoy it any way.

I am used to building limited run resin kits and Sc-Fi kits and to have a model that has good fit and just falls together is completely alien to me.

Now this one is done I can get working on my Pirate F16. I wil send in some progress shots soon.

For now enjoy.

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Get this Cheese to sick bay!


Get this Cheese to sick bay!

Jeffry Fontaine

Hi Sisko;

Your Leo looks good with the exception of your gun tube which is upside down.  

A quick check of any reference image will show you that the L7/M68 105mm gun bore evacuator is off center and the majority of it is on the top of the gun tube.  
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Not to nit pick as this kit looks really good, (I actually have the Leo 1A4 from Italeri with the TrackJam conversion kit to turn it in to a Canadian C1 Leopard)

Since the barrel is upside down, isn't the end of the barrel that gets glued into the mantle, actually a half moon shape, so you can't get it upside down???? Then again, you did say that it was a Tamiya kit, so I am not 100% sure about that....but if it is....it would mean that the mantlet is actually upside down, and the barrel had no other way to be installed....wouldnt' really be a hard fix depending on the glue you used....should be able to just pop it off and turn it over.
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The Mantlet is the right way up this I did check because of the mounts for the I/R seachlight that I did not end up using.  The glue I used means that there is no going around it. I will have to take my dremel and cut it off and turn it the right way up.

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What a TOOL I am. I hate this hobby. I think that I will take up something less strenuous like tapestry.


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Well I have to thank Jeff for pointing out the fact that I cannot read instructions. thank god you picked this up before our clubs expo. The JMN's would have have had an absolute field day with the barrel being glued on upside down.

I have since rectified the error. I cut the offending barrel off with a dremel slipped in a bit of sprue and super glued it on the right way around. A bit of paint and it all looks like it should.

Thanks again.   :)  :)

Pirate F16 next.

Regards Sisko
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You never can trust these tank fitter's  :P
Great Leo Sisko, you could always do another but fitted with a 120mm gun. ;)
All the best
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Sorry, I saw the pic's and had to comment first. I still say nicely done regardless. That's cause I was looking at the whole overall model and not for things like barrel lumps and such. I wouldn't know a good barrel hump if I tripped over one! It's truely nice to have a friendly resource to let you know about stuff like that when you are doing such a nice job on everything else.

That's what makes this site so great.

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Nice job Sisko, and I would never have know about the gun barrel thing  :D  
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Lovely, Sisko !

Would look alot better with black maple leafs on there, tho...but that's just my opinion ! :wub:

And now I know what that lump on the barrel is.....an ejecticator...interesting !

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QuoteAnd now I know what that lump on the barrel is.....an ejecticator...interesting !
Hey, I've got a lump on my barrel too, and it has a similar name! :P  
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I thought that it was to stop the hand slipping off!
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