Me 262--Allan's new project

Started by Allan, August 02, 2011, 03:24:11 PM

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grey undercoat on and what do do next??
maybe long range day recon plane in Indian markings of the Chandra Bose Wing with the Hindi words "Dilli Chalo--On to Delhi" on the nose in red paint (I'm studying Hindi as a hobby now)
any other ideas???
Allan in Canberra


Weren't the early jets rather thirsty? That would make it less suitable for long-range recce. Maybe a big belly tank and drop tanks? Even a tank in place of the rear seat (bit late for that though!).

Middle East oilfield defence, fighting off those pesky Lincolns flying out of Aden? ;D
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short-range recce, then?
just to have a peek over the next hill?



I couple of drop tanks near the front wheel would be the business



Looking good!

What kit is this being made from?

An idea I have for extending the range of your recon Me 262 is more drop tanks....besides the two mounted by the nose wheel add drop tanks to the wing tips like some of the early U.S. jets had. This would completely change the look of the aircraft.



it's the Revell nightfighter, Matrix, and I've saved the antenna perhaps for my big Heinkel

Brian da Basher

This baby just screams for lozenge.
Brian da Basher


here she looks in her sky blue undersurface---uppersurface goes on once this dries
I've used WEM sky blue----it looks very nice
but I had a little difficulty spraying the paint where the wing meets the engine nacelle
going through my decal bank I've noticed that I have lots of 1/72 Mickey Mouse decals, you know the one that came with the Hasegawa 109G in 1/72...it was the personal marking of an ace called Carganico
I've always liked that decal and often wondered how he got away with such a huge mickey on his fuselage, but as he was operating in the far frozen north perhaps the brass was happy to leave him to his own devices!!!!!
anyway I might use it.
Allan in Canberra


Allan - I like the idea of drop tanks outboard of the engines - you could go fancy and put dewdrop tanks on the wing tips - now that would be different

Cheers Bernie in Orange


Allan - stick with long range, go with air to air refueling. Imagine it tanking up mid air from an He 177 tanker?
Andrew in Melbourne
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Andrew's comment about the mid-air refueling is great - I never seen one of those as a diagram or model -  and it would certainly be different on the comp table

I might save that idea for one of my projects

cheers Bernie in Orange


Hi brothers
Here's the plane with some paint on it---in a day or two I'll put on another coat of WEM RLM 74.
I've used tape with twine underneath it to produce the feathered edge between the two wing colors.
Allan in Canberra



Thanks Bernie,
two thin coats are better than one clumsy thick one
and here's how she looks after the second coat
I'll let it dry thoroughly, attend to the tailplanes, one of which has fallen off, then mask off the wings and do the fus followed by maybe mottle if I feel I'm in good form