Mi-241 or Super Hind Czechia (Italeri 1/72)

Started by novis, July 27, 2011, 05:01:07 AM

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In 2004, Czech Air Force began a gradual withdrawal of the first Mi-24V. Among them was the Mi-24V "White 0836". Before the decommissioning, was given the requirement to upgrade some machines. The upgraded machines have been identified
"Mi-241". Modernization was carried out in LOK. These related mainly avionics and weaponry as well as the second row. Before rebuilding the LOM in the company overhauled the engine and airframe. Then it proceeded to its own modernization. She was ready to bow to the bottom of the 30 mm automatic gun zalafetování 2A42 operator cabin and before casting the rotary housing guidance and observation of FLIR marked feature, made ​​by Meopta Prerov. This machine was equipped with an experimental camouflage material of RAM (radar absorbing material). After completion of the work the machine back to Přerov Crossing, where he participated in troop tests consisting in verifying the flight characteristics, as well as the firing of cannon and firing PTŘR. In this case it was a missile modified for 9M17P VTÚVM (Military Technical Institute of arms and ammunition) Slavičín


Decals my @r$e!


You must share that camouflage recipe! It looks astounding --wonderful model  :wub:
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Now that I really like, I am a big fan of the Mil Hinds and this upgrade is brilliant :bow: :bow:
When Ao1 sees this he will need a change of underwear  :lol:
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Brilliant!  :party:

Seconding Taiidantomcat's request for sharing camouflage recipe. :thumbsup: Awesome camo!

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Already I do not remember what colors I used, I think black 33, light green 120, dark green 155, all Humbrol paints. It's camouflage clothing to commemorate the Czech Army vz.95


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Quote from: chrisonord on July 27, 2011, 08:20:49 AM
Now that I really like, I am a big fan of the Mil Hinds and this upgrade is brilliant :bow: :bow:
When Ao1 sees this he will need a change of underwear  :lol:

Oooooohhhhhh...... :wub:....underwear changed......may need to again soon.....I'm on nights at the moment....i'll keep drooling over this all night.....could be a long messy night......... ;)

Awesome work though,spanking paint scheme. :bow:.......I gotta be alone now........



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Nice Hind! :thumbsup:

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