"Fivehudreds International"

Started by PantherG, July 25, 2011, 10:56:58 AM

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So...here I come with my newest project.
After my "doodling" of What if Avias B.534 (in czech popularly named "Fivehundred") I go to the build of two kits of "Avia B.534 International".
They are from Eduard in 1:48 scale.
Both are a Weekend Edition,series III and IV. Previously I built one "Fivehundred" in so-called mobilisation camouflage,that was proposed for all czechoslovak military aircraft in 1938. But this was "Profi Pack" from Eduard.

I hope,that work will go quickly,because I make this kits straight from the boxes with minimum adjustments,except camouflages of course ;D
But seatbelts will be troblesome for me  :-\
At first I think,that srs.III will by french and srs.IV an deserted RAF.But......maybe eventually will be all otherwise... :unsure:


very nice, the camouflaged example looks really good too  :thumbsup: looking forward to seeing how the current ones turn out (your Finnish or Baltic schemed examples would look neat in model form too)  :blink:

cheers, joe
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PantherG, why does the 'Fivehundred' have those bulges on the cockpit sides? I can see from your interior shots that some of the controls are in them, but does it have a particularly narrow fuselage?
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^ Those bulges house the machine guns and their ammo feeds. CLICKY!

Looking forward to your whiffed Fivehundreds, Panther! :thumbsup:

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Like say "BlackShark" : This bulges covers machine guns. On I.series they are smallest,because on the sides was only one MG on each side. From II. serie there was 2 on each side. And Avia Bk.534 have smallest bulges again,because this machine was proponed to bore a Cannon fired thru the propeller axis.

P.S. All about "fivehundreds" is in book from MBI and this book is bilingual (czech and english text) with more photos and very nice drawings.

P.P.S. and something is here too: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Avia_B-534


Very nice real world example!  Must admit, the Serie IV looks like it would suit a monoplane conversion.  Looking forward to seeing what you do with them! :thumbsup:
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So....only What if thing on these two kits will be ONLY colours and marking....



So.....next little progres.....basic gluing is ready,a drop of filling and sanding too.....Surfacer is on place and first colors too.....

B.534 series III will be on RAF midle East scheme (probably from Iraq) and B.534 series IV will be from Armée de´l Air (probably from Indochina or Syria)....


....a little slowly progress ...after long time...


Quote from: Mossie on July 26, 2011, 02:23:43 AM
Very nice real world example!  Must admit, the Serie IV looks like it would suit a monoplane conversion.  Looking forward to seeing what you do with them! :thumbsup:

Oh great! Now you've given me a reason to go out and buy the RS 1/72 Serie IV and see if I can make a Czechoslovak Fury/Hurricane equvalent!  :banghead:  :thumbsup:

That is great work. It looks particularly good in French colours.
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Coming along well Panther.  I love the B.534, especially the later series (IV?) with the canopy.  Looking forward to these with anticipation.




Lovely but that French one is gorgeous  :wub:
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yes very good idea, I like the B534, it's a good base for working


The Avia B.534 is a nice plane, your scheme is very interesting. I like  :thumbsup: