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Started by tigercat, July 18, 2011, 10:37:03 AM

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Part CH53 , Part Stirling, Part A10, Part Chinook Part Gannet  all ugly


All hail the God of Frustration!!!


a work in progress pic better pics to follow.


Whoa! CH-53, Stirling, A-10, Chinook and a Gannet!  :o The enemy's head swill explode form all the ugliness that's coming at them.  :wacko: I mean, seriously, none of the ingredients would be called handsome by anyone. Bashing them all into one must make it a flying abomination.  ;D

Looks mightily impressive so far! :thumbsup:

Must, then, my projects bend to the iron yoke of a mechanical system? Is my soaring spirit to be chained down to the snail's pace of matter?


Do I detect a hint of SuperChopper envy?
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Quote from: tigercat on July 18, 2011, 10:37:03 AM
Part CH53 , Part Stirling, Part A10, Part Chinook Part Gannet  all ugly

Either someone has stopped putting the yellow powders in your morning tea, or you've been at that funny sherbet again. 

Whichever, it's  a masterpiece of Whiffery and I await further pictures with a degree of trepidation.
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It  means that you read  the instruction sheet


I'm toying with whether to have the whole or half A10 wing I know some aircraft have stubby wings for mounting ordnance but would the whole  wing be too much or doable in proportion to the Stirling fuselage

The Stirling turns out to be eminently whiffable.

Green Dragon

That's suitably mental tigercat! When using A-10 wings in Whif's I'm never sure whether to cut off the landing gear pods or repurpose them with radar or targeting systems. I like the Matchbox A-10 for Whif builds because the outer wings are seperate parts so no cutting needed.
Look forward to seeing all these ugly aircraft bashed together!

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Those are the ones i'm planning on using  I'll slot them into place and see what they look like . I was thinking of inserting a couple of cannon barrels in the pods if they clear the wheel nacelles