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Started by Ollie, June 15, 2004, 04:41:38 PM

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Hello chaps.  I finished a couple of kits today and yesterday, ya know, kits who have been laying on the bench for 2-3 months waiting for me to finish them?

Here we go...

Piper L-4 (in fact a J-3, because there is no glazing on top of the fuselage).

Worst kit ever.  Windshield cracked when I put it in place.  Decals are translucent!

Yet, I'm satisfied with the results!

So, shot #1...




Look how wee this aircraft is....


What do the white crosses signify?

And the jug is huge btw, so thats not a fair comparison!  :P  
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QuoteWhat do the white crosses signify?

Are they War Game markings ?


Yes, I think they are war game markings.  Nothing about them was included in the instructions...


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Have seen that kit many times on the shelf and have always shied away from buying one.

Nice to see someone has what it takes to complete one!
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It's a cheap kit alright, but it's worst than some limited run kits I built!

Very challenging build, eh!



I heard a funny story about this airplane. Apparently , fellow Canadian, Patrick Doohan, Scotty to all you non-trekers in the crowd, nearly lost his pilot's wings during WW2 because he got caught flying an L-4 around telephone poles slalom style, under the wires. (like they do with pylons and cars) He was an artillery spotter and was bored so for some fun decided to see if he could make his little plane dance. The CO was a little cranky, but the boys watching were quite entertained.
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