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1/35 Afrika Korps Beobachtungs Androïden

Started by Sticky Fingers, July 12, 2011, 07:29:04 AM

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How it began (sorry 'bout the mishmash of picture sizes...): Bits of M113, Italeri's desertcorps VW beatle, and pieces from some other panzerthing of which I can not be bothered to look up the name at the moment. Pingponged the wheel arches, put the body on the chassis back to front and added greebles here and there.

And then it disappeared into a box and moved house a couple of times. Now dusted from those years of neglect, I gave it a layer of primer and applied the first basecoat of paint by airbrush. The rest will be handpainted.
This is how it looks like at the moment:

There will be more parts added as I go along.
I've also started painting the crew, and am waiting on the delivery of one (or two) final item(s) so it can all be put together in a diorama. More of that all in a next update.
Thanks for looking. :smiley:


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Thanks guys!

Here's a pic of der dudes in their hodgepodge desert uniforms. This shot was taken straight after the first layer of paint (paint on the left dude's not even dry yet ;)), basically all variations of the same colour that would have faded by the sun.


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Madness......!!!! What an awesome imagination.......love it... :thumbsup:



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Quote from: Rheged on July 14, 2011, 02:58:54 AM
"Ausgezeichnet, in einer  geisteskranken Art der Weise"

Thanks guys, hope to post a new update soon.

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Right-o. Last characters for the dio are on the way:
Here's the final biped, awaiting to be fully droiderised™ :

And it's chosen means of transport, which also will happen to be the only sane one in the diorama.

Oh, and as an extra distraction from modeling there's now Foxxy, my new carpetmonster...


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Quote from: Sticky Fingers on July 27, 2011, 05:15:32 AM
Right-o. Last characters for the dio are on the way:
Here's the final biped, awaiting to be fully droiderised™ :

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Lol, the instant I stuck the eyes on I thought: wait, that's been done before...
See it as a nod to mr Lucas and arguably his most übercool creation, indeed, the Tusken Raiders.

-edit- Technically not uncle George's creation, but Ralph Mcquarrie's...