Blackburn Bridlington

Started by tigercat, July 04, 2011, 02:16:21 AM

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The ugly sister to the Beverely's Cinderella.  A 4 engined transport with fixed undercarriage converted into the Antisubmarine role and armed with missiles.

Although halfway through the paint applications it does have a certain elegance in the same way that a whale does.




Delightfully ugly, as only an English ugly aircraft can be!!!  :thumbsup:


Christ Almighty!  It'd be like being attacked by a cliff face! :o

Seriously, that is some brilliant work so far :thumbsup:


Thanks  ;D

It's got the  Sterling wing so that should make it fairly manoeuvable. I'm guessing reverse pitching the propellors on the engines on 1 wing for tighter turns is not advisable in flight ? It is probably one of the only transports with nose cannons.

It was partly inspired by the Beverly Interceptor in the Bad Ideas thread.


Funnily enough I was in Brid weekend before last!  I like this, kind of a Beverley on steroids.
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Reminds me of Tailspin!  :wub: That is high praise in my book!  :thumbsup:
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I can reccommend this book Seelowe Nord where the germans invade Bridie.

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I love this.  It's like the Uzi of aircraft: ugly, as you've pointed out, but in the most cool, utilitarian way imaginable!  And refreshingly original.   :thumbsup:
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Quote from: James on July 05, 2011, 01:46:09 PM
Nice one!  :thumbsup:

I agree! It wouldn't need armament, seeing that thing coming at you would probably terrify you into surrender.
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I was looking for the Beverly thread and found this beast ! Nice one. Ugly, yes.... but also very cool ! Did it ever get more finished looking ?

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Maybe because the Russian's actually built the flying submarine they were toying with ?  :rolleyes:
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