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1/144 TWA Boeing Six from the Zveda 787 Dreamliner

Started by Brian da Basher, July 02, 2011, 07:11:14 AM

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Brian da Basher

The obitiuaries in the Friday, September 13th 1993 Seattle Post-Intelligencer bore a sad headline: Local Aircraft Pioneer Dead at 87. Forgotten aeronautical engineer Beauregard Gustav "Beau Gus" Boeing (half-brother of Boeing founder William Boeing) left behind a legacy of forgotten prototypes and designs that never got off the drawing board. His passing here was noted by most Seattle residents with complete bewilderment. Beau Gus Boeing left a mostly invisible mark on the aircraft industry that began in 1925 with his Boeing Beachable flying boat of unique all-cellulose construction which melted when wet. His career at the famous aircraft maker continued in a flat trajectory and entered a downward spiral with the Boeing Six that first flew in 1947. Beau Gus Boeing was successful in building the largest commercial airliner of the time, but the Studebaker Stud engines were the weak point due to bad seals and a propensity for throwing rods which doomed the large aircraft to failure after the prototype was bought by TWA. Losing five of six engines on its maiden cross-country flight, the plane managed a jarring landing in a fallow field in Fallowfield, Indiana on July 4th, 1947. Beau Gus Boeing was removed from any position of real responsibility and made chief architect of Boeing's Aircraft Lavatory division. In this position he was credited with the "over the roll" toilet paper dispenser which became the foundation of his vast fortune of $39.82. The Boeing Co., embarassed by Beau Gus Boeing's many failures, forced him into early retirement in 1950 and ordered all traces of him removed from company archives. All that remained of Beau Gus Boeing at the time of his death besides half a roll of scratchy Scott toilet paper was this desk model of the failed Boeing Six airliner.

Brian da Basher

Brian da Basher

The basis for this project was the superbly engineered 1/144 Zveda Boeing 787 Dreamliner. As you can see, it was built completely OOB except for leaving off the kit's incredibly well-detailed engines and replacing them with piston engines made from old C-97 drop tanks. Props and spinners were swiped from 1/144 DC-6 kits. The decals are early 1990s TWA livery which went on without any problems except for my own clumsiness and impatience. The hatches are all from the Dreamliner kit's decal sheet (ever try to find eight identical hatches in your spares?  :rolleyes:)

Brian da Basher


look good you beat me to do something simmler but with 4 forward faceing radials, or well back to the drawing board now were is  that c-17
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Brian da Basher

This project took me five days from start to finish. It could probably be completed in a couple of days, given how amazingly well-engineered it is, but I've been having bouts of insomnia which kept me from working at a faster pace. My only problem building this kit was using the clear pieces for the cabin windows and the end piece of one came unglued (just like me ha-ha) after the fuselage was buttoned up and painted. Were I to build another one, I'd replace these pieces with clear acetate, but a less ham-manded modeler would likely have no problems building this honey of a kit.

I had a blast with it and a great big Thank You goes out to the anonymous donor. I am humbled and very grateful!

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"Zvezda" is "Star" in Russian. This is a nice-looking plane, and might fool the unsuspecting.
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Brian da Basher

Quote from: lenny100 on July 02, 2011, 07:29:45 AM
look good you beat me to do something simmler but with 4 forward faceing radials, or well back to the drawing board now were is  that c-17

With four forward-facing radials, it would sure look different than what I came up with, lenny. Especially if you used a different airline livery or made a military version! I say go for it! I'd really enjoy seeing your take on this fine kit.

If you want as close to a problem-free build as it gets, pick up one of the Zveday Dreamliner kits!

Please allow me to take this opportunity to wish all my fellow Americans a safe & happy 4th of July! And to my neighbors to the north, I hope you all had a great Canada Day!
Brian da Basher

P.S. A tip o' the lid to SR for the translation and nice comments.

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That's a sweet (and very clean) build.  But I keep trying to figure out what I like best about your posts: the great models or the creative backstories!   :thumbsup:
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Brain, you're seriously, but wonderfully, unhinged!  ;D :thumbsup: :bow:

I love the various small but complete jokes in the backstory, especially the 'Fallow field landing in Fallowfield'!  ;D

As for the windows issue, have you ever tried using Kristal Kleer after you've done the decalling and painting? It works a treat and there's no fear of it rattling around inside the model if it comes loose, as it already IS glue it glues itself in place.

I missed the spats though........
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As excellent and eccentric as ever Biran - well done.
;D ;D
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Looks great Brian! It has a certain Bristol Brabazon look to it.


In 5 days I can only think on starting.

Brilliant :wub: :wub: :wub: :thumbsup:
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revel have the same kit out now at the same price but in white plastic instead of gray
Me, I'm dishonest, and you can always trust a dishonest man to be dishonest.
Honestly, it's the honest ones you have to watch out for!!!