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Started by TsrJoe, June 14, 2004, 06:00:34 AM

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Hiya all in TSR.2 land... :blink:

...it might be of interest if anyone who has built (or is building) any TSR.2 models to list down what theyve done, colour scheme, details, etc. ...might save duplication on the show tables (altho must admit one can never get too many)

another reason could be the possibility of consistient label captions outlining eg...

                                BAC. TSR.2
               No.40 Sqdn. RAF. Coningsby, c.1968
                            model by A.N. Other


tara for now...happy modelling, cheers, joe  :ph34r:
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A good idea Joe, i think Lee has the list from last year but there should be a few additions this year.

Mine so far are :

XR222 In antiflash white cicra 1965
XS994 Dark Green/Dark Sea Grey/light grey lower 31 Sqdn 1975 RAFG (Bruggen armed with 4 x Megaton Martels
XS867 Dark Green/Darke Sea Grey wraparound 45 Sqdn 1985 RAF Honnington armed with Paveway 2 LPGs.
XS870 Hemp/Light Aircraft Grey 360 Sqdn 1980's Electronic Warfare variant armed with either shrike, martel or ALARM.
XV498 Dark Sea Grey/Dark Camo grey 17 Sqdn 2000 RAF Marham armed with Storm Shadow, plus ALARM & ASRAAM
XT697 EDSG/White 892 Sqdn 1970's RN Fighter version with VG
8-N-A14 French Desert camo 1980's Chad

Planned is an RAF Strategic version in overall DSG.


Geoff B  B)

Captain Canada

Mine will be Dark Green/ EDSG/ over light grey, as per Geoff's bird there......I just need to get the proper camo design, as I want mine to be the same as his.

It'll stand out, tho, as it will have leafy roundels !

Haven't decided for sure on which Squadron, but there are many sheets available  for Sabres of that era.

Not sure of the final armament either....most likely bombs......lots of iron bombs.

Cheers !

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Hi Todd

That Dark Sea Grey on the RAF birds, the extra is for Fleet Air Arm aircraft. As for decals i thought a Starfighter ones would be handy as they went tactical in Germany about that time. As for Armament how about getting the Belcer British Nukes set or two and add either Red Beard or WE177 with drop tanks ? Other Air to ground weapons could include the AS.30 missile or the Bullpup.


Geoff B B)  

Martin H

ok my four

ZD709. 9sqn RAF circa 1983

45+79 JG31 Luftwaffe 1998

89+71 MFG 2 Marine Fleiger 1981

9034 SAAF 1983.
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Hi Todd

The bottom one is the scheme i mean

Captain Canada

Yeah...that's a beauty !

The colours on your post actually look a little darker than the real bird.......I've got lots of Starfighter and sabre decals, so I'd like to basically make it like a 104, but I'll probably add some of the nice tail markings that the Sabres wore.

Cheers !

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