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Started by Stargazer2006, June 22, 2011, 06:31:08 AM

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While browsing the web for something else, I came across the amazing CG creations of Hal Parfitt Murray, who goes by the acronym HPM. Hal's sense of humour can be seen in some of his designs. They are all freeware, none are perfect and Hal is good enough to admit it. They are great enough to explore however, for their imaginative designs, flight models and the fact that a few have won online awards or come close to doing so.

Instead of adding to the already very long "Whif you found while browsing the web" thread, and since we have here a set of designs that is big and original enough to deserve a separate treatment, I decided that HPM's models deserved their own page...

The Auk

The Capercallie

The Locust

The Puffin II

The Lark

The Exocet II

The e-Go

The Owl

The Galah

The Kingfisher II

The Dolphin II

All about these designs and larger-size images can be downloaded here:


Brilliant find Stephane, the Owl & Galah are particularly interesting.

Thanks for sharing.




Tophe, I don't doubt will appreciate your discovery.  :mellow:
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Some of my models can be found on my Flickr album >>>HERE<<<


the locust (cause i think two wings are better than one) and the kingfisherII ( got thing for floatin airplanes) are really neato
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