Vulcan Scale Models

Started by Maverick, June 21, 2011, 05:04:32 PM

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Captain Canada

Nice ! Thanks for the link. We used to play on one back in the old days at CFB Borden.

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Good news for the Brit & Commonwealth Tank modellers, other the last 5 years there really has been an upsurge in production of British Tanks from the WW2 period.

(We just need the Cold War era covering as AFV club still have some potential Centurion variants they can do, the Chieftan only has the original Tamiya kit covering it and the Conqueror is crying out for a 1/35th Injection moulded kit of it as a monster British Tank!)
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Well, that's my scratchbuild cancelled...


Sure beats another paper-panzer as far as I'm concerned.  Hopefully we'll see the same exploitation of the chassis for all the various variants, as many kit manufacturers seem to be doing at the moment for the various German tanks.
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Quote from: Captain Canada on June 21, 2011, 09:02:12 PM
We used to play on one back in the old days at CFB Borden.

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So did my Grandad.  ;D

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