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Started by Sisko, June 14, 2004, 12:29:07 AM

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Well after many interuptions it is finally finished. This is my scrath built/kitbashed hover tank based on the SF3D, Maschinen Krieger universe. SF3D was the brain child of a japanese designer and many kits have been made of his work. This tank however is a product of my imagination, but I have tried to keep the overall look of the SF3D universe.

For some info on SF3D click on the link below.


The main body is partly made up from a stand of a 1/32 scale chinese aircraft kit. The top turret is the lid from a deodorant bottle. The various parts are from aircraft tank and ship kits. A lot of putty and superglue. Scrathbuilt kits like thsi are a lot of work but the end result is more rewarding for me than completing a standard kit as this is a product of my imagination.

Any way hope you enjoy the pics.

Below is Pic 1
Get this Cheese to sick bay!


Get this Cheese to sick bay!


Get this Cheese to sick bay!

Captain Canada

That's awesome, Sisko....you've got every right to be proud of that beauty ! Wicked paint job as well !

What scale is it ? It would be nice to see a little scale dude standing beside it, or a hatch open or somat, to get an idea of the size.....

Keep 'em coming !

CANADA KICKS arse !!!!

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Sisko, that's very cool.

Captain Canada, most of the SF3D (or Maschinen Krieger as it's sometimes called) kits are in 1/24 scale, if I remember correctly.  Also, a lot of the hovertanks are autonomous vehicles, so a figure wouldn't necessarily help.  I'll see if I can find some pictures.
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mmmm, futuristic!

Great camo job btw  :wub:  
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Thanks for the positive comments.

The tank is a 1/72 scale.

Get this Cheese to sick bay!


Zowie! And something un-winged! Coolness, and a most interesting build job.
In want of hobby space!  The kitchen table is never stable.  Still managing to get some building done.

John Howling Mouse

You've really captured the look and feel of the original SF3D, Sisko!

Yet, you've also managed to evolve the concept.

Fantastic.  Yep, you need to get some of the Nitto re-boxed MAK figures and put together a diorama.  Unless, of course, they were all 1:24 scale (too big for yours) but I have no doubt you could use some Milliput (or airhardening clays?) to kitbash some of those armored figures from just about any 1:72 scale figures as starting points.
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