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good day, first post: Scoutracer 1/72

Started by Sticky Fingers, June 20, 2011, 01:17:39 AM

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From this:

to this:

And how I got there:

Finished item:

It's a pre-WipeOut (Playstation game) kinda thingy: Rocket propelled, it stays within the atmosphere but goes like stink.

Thanks for looking!


Welcome aboard.  Absolutely brilliant bash!




very nice indeed..............i like the thinking out of the box to get to this

welcome btw  :thumbsup:
.............hes a very naughty boy!
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Excellent!!  :wub: Welcome Aboard  :thumbsup: Thank you for showing the steps on this build, I love seeing how folks do these awesome conversions :bow:
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Wow - cooler than a cool thing! :thumbsup:

Welcome aboard - you'll fit right in here!  ;D
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That's so COOL!

Some serious inspiration there. Might try that sort of thing myself...

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Quite an entrance........ :thumbsup:.....really like your creation there.......welcome..!



Welcome to the forum.

Great idea and great execution.

Just the kind of distraction I needed today.

Thank You.
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Fantastic....... Looks a lot like my Hammerhead profile only better :thumbsup:


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