Ho-229 A-3 1946

Started by PantherG, June 15, 2011, 01:50:00 AM

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So....one of my kits from past year.....

Horten Ho-229 A-3 "Fledermaus"

This plane is from Stabschwarm (Staff Flight) JG-5 "Eismeer", Luftwaffe Air base Patreksfjördur , Iceland 1946

Kit is 1:72 Revell and camo scheme is my own,so called "Nordatlantischetarnanstrich" (North Atlantik camouflage scheme) and is published previously here in section "Profiles and CGI" in theme "PantherG´s doodles". But there Horten bear marking of another plane from the same unit..


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I'll echo that......great looking cam scheme..... :thumbsup:



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great camo scheme for the Atlantic :thumbsup:


All-round awesomeness!  :thumbsup:

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Quote from: pyro-manic on June 16, 2011, 08:31:12 PM
Very nice indeed. :)

I agree. This is a very sound piece of work  and I am considerably impressed!

Is this why the R A F commissioned the BAT HAWK  long range air defence aircraft ?   Bat hawk (Macheiramphus alcinus)
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With each whif I do I usually try to "invent" a camo to go with it. Germany, especially, seemed "retarded" in overwater camo with the jagged lines resembling land-use patterns on their overwater aircraft. The later "scribble" camo was a good idea, but there is lots of room for innovation. Yours is very nice.
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Quote from: PantherG on June 15, 2011, 01:50:00 AM
...camo scheme is my own,so called "Nordatlantischetarnanstrich" (North Atlantik camouflage scheme)...
Every try to camouflage the Horten is in a way a Luft'46-what if-idea. 11 years ago I built the same Revell-model but in a typical Luftwaffe late war colours, freehand mottled. In any case I like your scheme more than the usual "broken glass" Luftwaffe style. The single swastika is also a nice touch. One question though: is there any particular reason to use a soft line between the 2 camo colours in the area of the trailing edge of the wing and a hard one in the area of the leading edge? The mottling is also hard lined instead of being e.g. freehand airbrushed. IMHO the Luft'46 camos should be more on the fast, freehand side rather than showing any usage of stencils, elaborated patterns etc.


Nice scheme. I like the top view.  :thumbsup:


CANSO:  My coleagues here in Czech asked me about the same: hard and soft lines between colors.
So... At first I sprayed Light grey (RLM 76),then masked main lines betveen colors with "Tack-It". Light blotches are masked in the same way. After spraying RLM 74 /75 and drying I make masks from tape and sprayed darkest blotches. But...on the trailing edge I make a few mistakes. Then I simply sprayed Light grey there. Without masking  :banghead:

But I think,that every model must have a "backgroun story".
So this "plane" suffered some damage from enemies (U.S Navy´s FH-1 Phantoms) and there was repaired....

I think it's a good explanation of why the kit is the way it is. :unsure:

P.S. I´m sorry for my poor english.... :bow:


PantherG - you English is just fine

when it comes to camo in 1946 - I never let the truth get in the way of ant nice scheme - your camo looks great - cheers


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PantherG....your English is just fine......more of your creations please...... :thumbsup: