Fairey Finisterre

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Fairey Finisterre
Role Airliner
Manufacturer Fairey 
First flight 17th December 1952
Introduced 8th November  1954 with SABENA

Fairey Aviation's research into delta wing aircraft led them to develop a delta wing airliner. 
The Finisterre billed  as "taking you to the end's of the earth" could carry 72 passengers. Fairey also had an eye on the military market  and the Finisterre could carry  68 troops, 54 paratroops, 48 stretcher case.  It would be able to carry nearly 20 tons  of freight and British Army vehicles would fit into its fuselage. Experience gained in building the Finisterre was later  applied to the company's Rotodyne with which it shared several features.  Following design problems with the original engines Napier Nomads it was equipped with 4 x Bristol Olympus.

Given Fairey's close connections to the Belgium government SABENA was a natural customer and along with BOAC was one of the first airlines to buy the Finisterre

The Finisterre was developed for RAF use into the Fairey Cormorant. The Cormorant inherited the name Shagbat from the Supermarine Walrus once aircrew realised the connection between Cormorants and Shags. This connection earned it several other names most of which were unrepeatable in polite company 


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now that's something you don't see everyday :wub:

Concur!   Most unexpected, but fascinating none the less.
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thank you thank you it came out better than expected although I had to do it in a bit of a rush as my first lot of Vulcan spares off ebay turned out to have 3 left wing parts and 1 right wing part and the second Vulcan had to be collected from the sorting office on Saturday.