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Miles Scorpio

Started by tigercat, June 09, 2011, 11:38:07 PM

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Postwar Miles aircraft obtained the licence to manafacture the Heinkel He 162 as a sports aircraft. Following good feedback from pilots they recognised its potential:

"The difficulties experienced by the He 162 were caused mainly by its rush into production, not by any inherent design flaws. One experienced Luftwaffe pilot who flew it called it a "first-class combat aircraft." This opinion was mirrored by Eric "Winkle" Brown of the Fleet Air Arm (FAA), who flew it not only during post-war evaluations, but went on to fly it for fun after testing had completed. He considered it delightful to fly, although the very light controls made it suitable only for experienced pilots. He wrote about his 162 flights in Wings of the Luftwaffe, a description that has been reprinted in many media over the years. Brown had been warned to treat the rudder with suspicion due to a number of in-flight failures."

Recognising this inherent flaw Miles redesigned the tail and replaced the engine with a Bristol Phoenix diesel engine which increased fuel efficency and created a handy little sports aircraft


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...He-162 derivative for the GB! Fun concept!

(Oops-it looks like it "broke its leg" on the left side!)
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Wow! That's great, Tigercat! Very imaginative with a nice touch of whimsy!
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wait till you see where the engine and tail have gone  ;D