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Started by Dodge, June 02, 2011, 02:05:04 AM

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Hi all on this forum, I have a simple question, I'm building a M901a1 and I'm changing it in to a M113A3 Personnel carrier. I would like to know what the colour is for these in Afghanistan. Any help will be greatly received.  :thumbsup:


Dodge, welcome aboard.  You need to be more specific however.  US Army f'rinstance?




Painting NATO armour for Afghanistan is a tricky proposition if you are looking for specific colours. Although the militaries involved sometimes have official colour callouts (FS595a references and so forth) the problem is manifold: Some vehicles have been in theater for a decade and have been repainted multiple times. Often times the vehicles are painted in batches, or individually as they come in for servicing, so the exact shade can differ from unit to unit. It goes even further from that; sometimes the vehicles' colour can vary from panel to panel as damaged parts are replaced in the field. or as paint stocks are borrowed from other nations. Then the paint weathers and wears, so the shade, even if it was the "official" paint to begin with, can change dramatically after some time.

In addition, some units have never been repainted from their European colours -- take Canadian LAV-IIIs for example; they are still green for the most part.

Even further, most of the time they are so filthy that it's hard to tell what base colours have been used. The exhaust staining on some of the armour has to be seen to be believed. Local dust and mud makes for the best camo of all.

TL;DR: There isn't a specific colour. Unless you are modeling a specific prototype example, paint it in a "sand" colour that looks about right. That's what they do in the field. Then call it done.

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sorry about the delay in getting back, as comp blew up literally so had to get a new one. Thanks for the info rallymodeller  :thumbsup:


So... Go nuts on the weathering :) ....Reminds me of my gulf war tornado build..  ;D  ;D  ;D  ;D


Basically, get a bunch of reference photos that you like the look of and try to copy that look with whatever shades of modelling paint do the job. Then if anyone says "but Humbrol 1234 isn't an eexact match for mil.5678!" you can hold up the pic and say "but it does looks like this one!"  ;D
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Cheers Chris and weaver going to blitz it now