How's this for automotive whiffery?

Started by Wyrmshadow, May 27, 2011, 09:28:22 PM

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Seen on I-10 near Sulphur, LA
Someone posted this on Reddit on friday. I don't know anything more about than where it was seen.
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What the...... :blink:  What kind of Chevy is that?  Impala wagon?  Wonder if the cops pull him over  ;D
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Brace yourself on this one. It's not made from a Chevy. It's made from at least two... Mercedes 200D station wagons (estates for those of you outside North America).

The wheels and door handles are dead giveaways. The diesel part is a guess, because there were a lot more diesel wagons sold in North America than non-diesel.

I am alternately horrified/fascinated by this whatever-it-is.

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Honestly, it looks like something sotoolslinger would make.
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Quote from: Wyrmshadow on May 27, 2011, 09:50:28 PM
Honestly, it looks like something sotoolslinger would make.

I agree - are we sure he isn't driving? ;D
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Strewth, wheels in the MIDDLE? I hate to think of the shape of the beam strength curve!

Is it a 4 x 6, or a 2 x 6? And if the latter which axle is the '2'?
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Would you class that as you would a steam engine... 0-6-0 or a 2-4-0 or something else ?

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Quote from: Gondor on May 28, 2011, 01:35:54 PM
Would you class that as you would a steam engine... 0-6-0 or a 2-4-0 or something else ?


Looks like dualies in the middle.  I'm guessing that might make it a 2-4-2
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The original driveline is still in use, so only the middle wheels are driven. In a rare moment of sanity, the rear wheels were equipped with a steering rack, so it won't fold in half when you negotiate a bend.

more info

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I wonder how it would handle on UK roads. I suspect it would have a similar aversion to speed bumps as Obama's Beast.
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