CH-54 as a Rail Recovery Helicopter Idea

Started by Cobra, May 27, 2011, 03:27:08 AM

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Hey Guys, i was doing some Surfing on Google when an Idea Hit me:What If the CH-54 was used to Recover Broken Down Trains on the Tracks? I'm talking Trains like the TGV,Etc. Think it would Work? think it woulad also Work in a 'Gerry Anderson' way? Thanks for looking.Dan


Trains are too heavy. An ordinary passenger car weighs in the region of 40 tons; the CH-54 can lift around 10t.


I think you would need something like this, which IIRC could lift a C-130 load.
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The Mi-12 lifted 40 tons during a record attempt, which would be enough for the example I mentioned. Problem is, quite a lot of rolling stock is heavier. Locomotives often weigh more than 100 t.

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Love the idea....swoop in, drop off the new engine, pick up the broken one....and off we go ! be quite the spectacle for the passengers as well.....and probably lead to acts of sabottage by folk like us, just so we could see it !
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Sounds like you could come up with a compound airship and helicopter like the Boeing Skyhook.  This is supposed to lift a 40 ton load.,%20Skyhook%20Team%20On%20Heavy-Lift%20Airship

Surely you can WHIFF that into something that could handle a 100T load.

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The Cargolifter and Skylifter airship designs were both sized for payloads of about 150 metric tons:

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