Tophe, this ones for you!

Started by Glenn, June 12, 2004, 01:02:19 AM

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   I made these a couple of years ago, and, yes I know 'they're not aircraft', I thought you might like them. (being French, I mean!)
The little one is made from wood and covered in a model aircraft putty called 'Pick 'n Patch', then painted in acrylic and the BIG one if basically fibreglass. Well he is from his neck to his trouser cuffs. Head and hands, resin and the booties, in wood.
De doggie in made from Sculpey.


Great sculpting Glen - do you do figure masters by any chance ?

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Thanks a very lot, dear Glenn :) . Making, from scratch, characters like that is VERY good, and shows your incredible skills. Congratulations... ;)

I liked since my childhood these cartoon characters, but not at all as a French reader. I am not proud to be French, and I am not one of these proud French that made nuclear trials in your ocean, I swear. Please consider me just as someone in the World, not speaking English fluently, simply. :(  
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By Toutatis!!!!  Those are awesome!  Yeah Glenn, if you ever made molds of those I'd get a pair!

By the way I thought Asterix was a product of Belgium?
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I think that was Tin-Tin, Tom.

Great work btw Glenn.
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You are right Nev!

Tintin is from Belgium, ASterix is 100% Gaul!!

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I still have the head and hands mold in rubber, but the rest was scratch built. I built Obelix around a ball, and then made the upper body and trousers in half molds. I think, if I remember, in plasticene, then glassed them. Obelix stands about 24cm tall, and Asterix, 16cm
Glad you like them, I've been collecting the books since the early '80's and always get a laugh when reading them.