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From the self picture post Mariner at Pima

Started by Dork the kit slayer, May 14, 2011, 05:32:30 AM

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Dork the kit slayer

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Martin H

def one place I would like to visit before I croak.
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I was there last week.  One the few places I've wanted to go in the US, Pima and the Boneyard.
  Am glad I amde the trip from down under.
That Mariner is a big beastie

Ben of Oz


I know it! its great to see that lady there to give it a sense of scale, even then I remember it bigger. SWMBO was even with the top of the landing gear IIRC. Really cool aircraft though  :thumbsup: Started a love affair with seaplanes for me  :wub:
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I agree, it was hard to photograph.  Even the B-36 was easier to take a pic of.  Course, that was outside and you could get far enough away to get a decent shot.

Here are the two I took last August.

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Excellent pics there, and they give me an idea of how to put landing gear on my Berievs and my Martin Marlin.
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