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Beware.....the Sand Viper....!!

Started by Army of One, May 06, 2011, 02:10:40 PM

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Army of One

This was my offering for the SSGB 10.....I love my sci fi films having been brought up on the proper Star Wars films......I freely admit to not knowing much of the theory behind the tech stuff from films.....
This is a fighter based on a desert planet.....it is heavily armed and each wing can pivot opposite to the other allowing great manoeuvrability while in atmosphere....the craft was deemed so dangerous by opponents it was nicknamed Sand Viper after a dangerous serpent from earth......



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Interesting.  For a moment I was expecting a Battle Star Galactica Viper in something resembling Israeli Air Force Camouflage.
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This is great.  Love what you've created from that airframe.   :thumbsup:
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Cool! :thumbsup:

Builders' imaginings are always better than movie subjects, to my mind - not that I don't like well built "Serenity"'s or "Discovery"'s (from 2001: et al.) but there are just too many NCC-1701/A/C/D/etc. "Enterprise"'s & "Millennium Falcon"'s out there.
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Are those switches under the engine pods igniter switches??  :lol:
Looks cool H,  :thumbsup:
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Army of One

Maybe..... ;).......some technology not so advanced.... :lol:........part of my 2 year olds contribution to it..... :thumbsup: