Northrop XP-56

Started by tomo pauk, May 03, 2011, 11:10:38 AM

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tomo pauk

(in case there is a topic covering it, I apologize)

Northrop pusher fighter was plagued by some issues, so perhaps fitting it with some booms & empenage would've helped?


Great idea!  I think the XP-56's woes also came from a woefully inadequate power plant.  Perhaps an engine change, possibly an in-line as you now have tail surfaces....? :wub:
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Cliffy B

How about a Merlin engine?

Man, that plane looks nice!  :wub:
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tomo pauk

Nothing wrong with engine choice re. real XP-56 - it's R-2800 was a great choice. Apparently the cooling worked properly, too.


Like this real-world one:

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Always liked twin boom pushers  :thumbsup:
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