Hawker/HAL SeaHawk 2 completed

Started by Alvis 3.14159, May 03, 2011, 09:34:01 AM

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Alvis 3.14159

Angle one:

Angle Two:

I finally went with the Indian navy option if nothing else more than I just didn't have any other markings available that looked good.

Alvis Pi

Alvis 3.14159

Totally believable but highly fictional writeup to follow, I need to go to work!

Alvis Pi


After all that you went with Indian Navy, I was really looking forward to a Swiss Navy version.

Other than that, came out looking great.  I need to get back to my Henneway.
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I know it's in a book I have around here somewhere....

Brian da Basher

Sharp as a tack, Alvis! Odd how right those Indian markings look.
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Brian da Basher


I like it!

Those longish wings make it look like it should have some cameras built into it for recce work.
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Sexy beast (the model, that is).  What was the base kit?
;D ;D
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Everything looks better with the addition of British Roundels!

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Nice work.  The wings threw me off since they seem to belong there.  From certain angles it almost looks like a tiny Tu-16.
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Alvis 3.14159

The base kit is the Trumpeter Hawker Seahawk, while the wings come from a Lindberg Grumman Tiger F11F. The wings needed to be "deepened" to match the thickness of the Seahawk wings, which was done by inserting a shim into the wing after glueing the leading and tailing edges. I sanded off all the raised erroneous rivets from the Lindberg parts, and scribe in some panel lines. The colours are Tamiya Royal Light Grey and a mix of an IJN grey and some blue to make the top colour.

Now of course I've got the outer wings from the Seahawk and a wingless Tiger. No, they don't work...the wings are far too short to use on the Tiger, which is actually slated for another project anyhow. The Seahawk wings will make a nice conversion for a land based plane into a carrier based one though...I'm thinking possibly Mustang. Maybe FW-190...I'll see what they fit eventually.

Alvis Pi