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Heinkel 478

Started by tigercat, May 02, 2011, 05:01:26 PM

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Here is shown a specially adapted Heinkel He 478.  the He 478 had mixed powerplants this extra power of the 2 tail mounted Jumo engines allowed it to lift greater loads which made it ideal for transporting componets for Germany's rocket and missile programme.

Some test were conducted into the firing of the V2  from an aircraft. New fuels were developed to make this feasible after some initial successes the programme was abandoned after the death of it's chief test pilot and the destruction of 2 of the prototypes.

While testing was underway one aircraft did encounter allied fighter bombers and in their haste to get rid of their load to gain extra manoeuvrability ignited the rocket without first disengaging the clamps. Interviews with the allied pilots concerned tend to indicate that the He 478 broke the sound barrier before disintegrating and ploughing into a flak tower.

This example is called Hornisse by it's crew.



Not sure about the jets in the tail idea, but it certainly looks nice. :thumbsup:


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It's got a very Rutan-esque look to it. She may wear camo, but there's nothing shy about this girl!
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Love the concept

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This is why I love whifs! Better than the original!! I am a sucker for twin fins  :wub:
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