Tilt to play: Bell's Stillborn VTOL - The F-109 that wasn't.

Started by Overkiller, April 30, 2011, 03:08:52 PM

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Dave "Sandiego89"
Chesapeake, Virginia, USA


Built that a couple of years ago Dunc, quite a nice kit although I had a little fun with the canopy  :banghead: Finished mine as Canadian
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Anigrand - never in the field of modelling conflict, has so much been paid, by so many, for so little.....  ;)

Nevertheless, I KNOW it will look great when you've finished it Duncan. :thumbsup:

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Duncan, is that the colour of the resin ? or have you primed it?
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The XF-109 has been one of my top favorite unbuilt projects ever since I was a kid... So all I can say here is WOW!!!  :bow: Looking forward to seeing this finished, which should be soon from what I'm seeing here!



Quote from: Overkiller on June 28, 2011, 02:25:09 PM

You may well note the change of user from USMC, to USN...  :blink:

As a Marine I despise you...  ;) However your previous awesome Marine work on this GB warrants consideration, along with the fact that although you did make it squid, those decals do look very very nice  :wub: Along with you having to fight so hard on them. 

Wonderful so far.  :wub:

Have you decaled the engines at all? I didn't notice them in the pics
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Really like this. 1950's to 1960's US Navy colors are great.   

Excited to hear about your save on the yellowing decals: "Then I remembered something I had read a while back, and put the decals in one of those clear plastic punch pockets, taped it shut with Tamiya tape, then taped the punch pocket to my bedroom window."

Could you clarify "plastic punch pocket"?  Is that a plastic sleve like you slide a piece of paper into and put in a three ring binder?  Decal side to the sun? Wonder if a plastic baggie like you put a sandwich in (ziplock) would do the same trick?  I thought yellowed meant gone forever.  Great tip!   

Dave "Sandiego89"
Chesapeake, Virginia, USA


It'll also work just by leaving the yellowed decal sheet on a south facing window sill, but some sheets have a tendancy to curl up like that, older Revell ones in particular.

This process has been in wide circulation in the 1/144 airliner scene for quite a while, probably because all of us have five times as many decal sheets as we have kits!  ;D
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Nearly done Dunc, keep it coming! :thumbsup:

Regarding the decals, I usually just tape mine directly to the window without a baggie as my upstairs windows don't suffer from condensation.  Still, best to be on the safe side & now you've all got it back in my head I might well start doing it again!
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TRULY SPLENDID!!!  :thumbsup:

However, if I dare say so, I think the outlining of the cockpit is a little shaky. Perhaps a black line could solution that?