Images upload option. Honestly, I do not want to offend anyone, just to know.

Started by ysi_maniac, April 22, 2011, 09:36:07 AM

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What do you prefer?

Post in external specialized sites
26 (78.8%)
Posting here even if we had to make or pay something
7 (21.2%)

Total Members Voted: 31

Voting closed: May 06, 2011, 09:36:07 AM


Will die without understanding this world.


I am not neutral: I prefer to post images here.
I think this is a crucial point because here images are absolutely relevant.

Please, your opinions and votes. :thumbsup:
Will die without understanding this world.


I prefer to post in photobucket and hotlink from here:

1) It means the pics appear full size in the thread instead of as thumbnails that have to be clicked on one by one.

2) It makes life easier for the folks running this site, to whom I'n eternally grateful for doing so.
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i use an offsite host all the time (tinypic which is an offshoot of photobucket)............the reason being i dont just post here but at several other forums.....if i use an offsite host i can use the same links each time and dont have to repeatedly upload the same pic......and some forums i go on dont have their own uploader facility anyway
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I like Picasaweb.  That way I only have to post my pics one time.
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I use photobucket....too easy. And it's nice to have your albums available on line when you're away from home as well.

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I have both a Photobucket account, as well as one for Picasa, and for the same reasons mentioned above.

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I have tended to use the attachment function here, but I honestly wouldn't mind if it doesn't get reinstated. The handful of extra clicks required to use an external host really aren't an issue. Plus there are the advantages mentioned above.
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I got Photobucket but had to use this site's attachment feature as 'Bucket isn't dial-up friendly -- bit slow even with my broadband !

Think this facility does offer a real alternative for those stuck with dial-up & would like to see it stay for those people -- those with usable access to photobucket etc should use it.

Personally I dont like the full-sized pics in posts as I don't like to have to keep scrolling the page sideways to see them, especially where multiple pics are posted in one reply -- I save the pics & look at them offline later.

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I prefer linking offsite as there's no issues with uploading (I've had a few of those over the years).  Offsite means just a link and no physical upload and reduces the amount of times I have to upload a given image to various places.

Photobucket is my poison of choice, I've had no issues with linking.




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Another Photobucket user!  :thumbsup:
One reason is that can use that top post pics on ARC as well.
Another is that off-site hosting also improves safety for this site. ARC got hacked a couple of years ago when some rotten bar-steward used the image upload function to upload a virus.

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