Which would be a Good SR-71?

Started by Cobra, April 22, 2011, 01:52:15 AM

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Hey Guys, Being Inspired by a Profile Maverick did For me, i'm wondering Which be Good for an SR-71,Snaptite or Glue? i have 2 options and could use some Input from you guys.btw, the Project is kinda Thunderbirds inspired as well. What Say You? thanks for looking. Dan


Snap-tite kits are often rather basic, so I'd always go for the glue option. I'm not familiar with these particular kits, though.


Hobbes, the Glue Kit for the SR-71 is from Monogram, the Snap Tite is From Revell. hope this Helps. Dan

The Rat

If you want a quick and easy build the Snap-Tite one is pretty good.
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Depends on the scale.  What scale you looking at?
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the Monogram is 1/72, the Revell Snap Tite is 1/110. which would make better for a 'Gerry Anderson' type build? Dan


If you're going to modify it anyway, just choose the one you prefer. The Revell is a bit smaller, so maybe easier to modify?


Hobbes, the Only 'Mods' in this Case are Paint & Markings. if you go to photobucket, type in world air force sr-71. you'll see what i'm planning to do. OK? Dan