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Started by Dork the kit slayer, April 13, 2011, 07:50:40 AM

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Kit,Martin ,et al enjoy.  

Considered by many my finest work**

This is a little known Irish Airforce F 86 that was used in the often forgotten "Eurovision war"

The F 86 airframes were pirate copies of the Matchbox kit procured from a sweatshop somewhere in North Africa and refurbished as a moonlighter by boy scouts in the Ballyforgoten chapter of the IPMS and heritage group.
This craic Sabre squadron was based at Craggyroque until it was noticed that the squadron crest was a serpent so they were expelled by the ,then ,Prime minister St Patrick the something(who apparently had a thing about snakes).

They were subsequently based in Liverpool (maybe why there were no wheels in my kit) at Speke airport ( now John Lennon international)
Taking on the squadron nickname " the Mickey mousers" the crest proudly displayed on the tail of all but six of the seven airframes.

The wing warning stencils are of note,they are not as, has been published on other sites , a reference to the "Riverdance" but rather the old Gallic warning of Don't waulk don't waulk don't waulk.

Colours used; the overall silver being a Tamiya acrylic and the trim is in Graham Green ( its like Kelly green only made by a man in Havana)

** that should read NOT many.
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Quote from: Dork the kit slayer on April 13, 2011, 07:50:40 AM
Considered by many my finest work**

I don't know if it is your finest. But it is CERTAINLY FINE! :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :bow:
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Doc Yo

 I think I'm getting about half the jokes in the text, but thats alright-what  I do get is pretty damn clever.  :thumbsup:

Nice looking Sabre, too!


Hehehe, LOVE it!

Now I get all the references you made on Sunday, magic stuff.  ;D ;D
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Ouch ouch ouch..... ;) 
I'm not sure which is better, the model or the backstory!  ;D


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Excellent. The old Matchbox kit scrubs up quite well.   Love the back story.   :thumbsup:
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