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Started by The Wooksta!, June 06, 2004, 05:14:36 PM

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The Wooksta!



Neat Wooksta!

I never doubted your skills, it's just that I found it strange that you told someone not to do that or this scheme because you had already done it.

I wish I could afford a TSR.2 kit!!

:lol:  :lol:  


QuoteFirst up, my Navy Phoenix. Can't remember the unit, as the marking is apt given the name, but it's based at Lossiemouth. Still to receive it's Martels and drop tanks, but it does have a Blue Parrot radar nose.

809 Sqdn  :D  


oooooooohhhhh, the Operation Corporate one looks sweet!

Well, actually they all look sweet but the Corporate one is my favourite.


Well I like anything in full colour roundels, so its the Navy one for me  :wub:  
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QuoteI wish I could afford a TSR.2 kit!!
Take a number, eh!


Dude, that PR.2 is sweeeeet.  ^_^


QuoteAnd to round it off, a work in progress. This is going to be one of the Operation Corporate aircraft operating from Chile. It's going to have 'winders on the outer pylons and LGBs on the inners, plus some bomb missions on the nose. Cop this, Galtieri!

Hi Wooks

For Operation Corporate and flying from Chile, wouldn't Tanks on the inner and LGB's on the Outer (say on twin TER's) and fit the winders a'la Tornado on a spur off the main Pylon. Those short JP233's would be handy but not sure if they were available in 1982 or not.

You could be really nasty and fit WE177's on instead just in case things started to get Nasty. Flatten their airbases with instant sunshine and the war soon stops!!! :o  :o .

You should find the PR sqdn data in that paperwork you dug out for the Choco one last week when i sorted out the Roundel flashes for you.




QuoteNo, I decided on no underwing fuel tanks for the simple reason that the aircraft would probably have the range flying from Chilean bases and it proves the lesson that the aircraft doesn't have enough hardpoints, so they develop new pylons with the spurs for missiles.

NEAF PR units - the sheet says 37, 38 or 39. Not sure what the markings for those units are, or if they're even available!

If we launched from Chile to attack then we would have to go indirectly so as not to start a Land War in South America between Chile & Argentina. Whilst we pretend to fly form UK bases its plausable but popping over the Andes to Strike the mainland and straight back again won't be very hard to spot !!!!!!.

Speaking of spur pylons got to make more sence than those daft Overwing Pylons BAC came up with. The Lightning was understandable as we never got the later designs with the bigger wings and the fuselage mounted undercarriage. But surely they could have put wing tip pylons on the Jag rather than overwing as they designed them for the Japanese T-2 wing and later Jag developments !!!.

As for your PR unit, 37,38 were maritime recon using Shacks but the 39 sqdn markings are in the matchbox PR-9 kit, which also has 13 sqdn operating in Cyprus 1970 as a PR unit so that would be an easy to do !!!!.


Thor B)  


One of mine this time a 31 Sqdn machine RAFG Late 70's aremed with 4 x Megaton Martels


Oh Bugger !!!! :o  :o  :o , quick blackmail Martin into letting you have a decal set then !!! - LOL

Maybe you should have a closer look at 13 Squadron as it appears to fit your bill exactly, being a PR Unit in the Med theatre since the war, and readily available in Tornado Format .

13 Sqdn



(Maybe we should push High Planes to do the PR version next ?)


I thought that one was in 1PRU colours as per a Canberra. Pity as that would probably met your requirements for the middle east bird. Best put a shout out for matchbox PR-9 decals, i know Joe would have somebut where is Joe these days ?


Geoff B B)  


*gets a little fidgety*

Those really are VERY nice.

Not having the luxury of being near Cosford any more, or having a kit around, i tend to forget just how much of a stunner the TSR2 really is.

No offence to anybody who might mind, but she's a whole lot sharkier than a Jag.


off to the darkened room again....  :wub:  :wub:  :wub:  :ph34r:  


what-if cur?

as in nasty mangy stray dog?

bit harsh that...must make sure i log in next time, eh?.
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Quotewhat-if cur?

What the-?  Okay, I've no idea where that came from!  I'm pretty sure I didn't put that in the board settings!
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