The Trainyard 2057- 1/35 scale Diorama -Scratchbuild/Kitbash

Started by Macal, April 11, 2011, 01:38:16 PM

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Hi All!

In the last year, I had no time for modelling, so I was a little sad :( Fortunatly, in the last few month had a few days to do something, so I decided to start an older project, The Trainyard. About a 3 or 4 years ago I draw an artwork for a post-apocalyptic train based on the hungarian M32 banker with a flatcar mounted with a T-72 turret. I've made this for a GB on Hardcoremodelling.com, but unfortunetly I had no turret for the project...
About a month ago, I found that I have almost everything for this project, so started the building. :)

The vehicle is based on a Post-Apocalytic world, in the year 2057, 14 years after the III. World War. The War wasn't avoided the mother continent Europe, destroyed almost everything there, just like in Asia, in the Far-East, and Africa. The population of the Earth decimated, no just by the War, but the following diseases brought suffering to mankind. The situation was aggravated by the radiation, the curse of the nuclear and chemical weapons. And above all, there was the heritage of the biological weapons...
The war made a new world order, the most powerful nations weakened, even if they can preserve their independency.
The most of the population lives in the Safe Zones in huge cities. But there were other people, who are left these zones for adventurousness, for money, for the forgotten technological knowledge.
But the desolated landscape wasn't so abandoned, there were smaller-larger tribes, smaller city-states, merchants, bandits...
And there was this little mercenary group in the Carpathian Basin...

So, I had the theme, had the parts I needed, and started the stuff :)
The flatcar is a RMMS style flatcar, the banker will be the Hungarian M32 called "Gokart"...

The environment of the diorama is not established yet, I'm thinking on an industrial trainyard...

The Concept draw I've made few years ago...

And what I've built:



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I'm liking this already.  :thumbsup:


^^^ what he said!....................really want to see this one progress further
.............hes a very naughty boy!
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Are you sure that gun barrel is long enough?  ;D

Excellent idea and execution too.  :bow:
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Quote from: PR19_Kit on April 11, 2011, 03:28:04 PM
Are you sure that gun barrel is long enough?  ;D

It's a stantard 125 mm 2A46M smoothbore gun :) The turned barrel I used on the model is from Aber I think, and made for the tamiya/dragon authentic kits. Its a realy long gun is'nt it? :)

BTW, here're some pictures about the real flatcar and the banker. It'll be a long build I think :) Will use the same colors for the paintjob:


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Man, those "banker" engines are so-o "S.T.A.L.K.E.R."! :thumbsup:

Maybe it's a Zone Incursion Train? ;)
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Very cool project!  :bow:

Shilka turret would be a neat addition. 23mm is much more economical against human/undead/mutant targets than 125mm shells. :lol:

Quote from: Old Wombat on April 14, 2011, 11:10:41 PM
Man, those "banker" engines are so-o "S.T.A.L.K.E.R."! :thumbsup:
Maybe it's a Zone Incursion Train? ;)

Great idea!  :thumbsup:
Finished "Clear Sky" only a couple of days ago.  :bow:

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Mad Maxim Gorky! ( Needs a pair of Shilka turrets, though. My studies have shown that all post-apocolyptic worlds will be beset by giant
man-eating bats. ;D)

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Well, that would make my daily commute to work much more interesting.  :blink:  :thumbsup:

There's a possible whiff - commuter trains from the suburbs have to transit dangerous zones to get the occupants to work in the cities. Or trains traveling between cities have to transit "wild" areas.

And in the Patchwork World, the land side city-state of Singapore is ringed with defensive railway lines for mobile defense.
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