De Havilland Krait Mk IV

Started by tigercat, April 10, 2011, 11:34:44 AM

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Me P1099b fuselage with Mosquito wings :)

Designed as a private venture for a fighter destined for the Pacific Theatre in the war against Japan. From an early stage it was also envisaged that the Krait could be adapted for naval use, operating from aircraft carriers. As a result priority was given to ease of control, especially at low speeds, and good pilot visibility. Construction was of mixed balsa/plywood similar to the Mosquito.

The Mark IV was a  Bomber destroyer/ ground attack aircraft variant. Armed with 4 20mm cannon  in the nose and a modified Mollins 57mm cannon. The Mark IV also had twin rear facing 40mm cannon and 2 20mm cannon barbettes in the rear fuselage. 

The Krait saw limited service with the RAF and FAA. It's powerful armament made it an ideal strike aircraft  for anti shipping strikes and disrupting attack waves of torpedo and dive bombers while its more conventional bretheren mixed with the fighters   

but where it came into its own was in the Indo-Pakistani War of 1947. 3 Squadrons served with the Airforce of the Dominion of Pakistan where they roamed the skies over Kashmir disrupting the Indians efforts to airlift in men and supplies   into the disputed Territory


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