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Started by Geoff_B, June 06, 2004, 07:02:42 AM

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Wooksta's Valkyrie B1 !!!! at the North Show.


Ooooh!  For some reason the Valkyrie looks right at home in anti-flash white.  More, more!
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Quoteat the North Show.
What is THIS? A simple He 111Z or another twin, truly What-if...?
[the word "realistic" hurts my heart...]


Tophe its a He111Z fitted with He293 missiles.
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Plus you forgot to mention the needle Pitot that your tried to stab us with !!!!!! - LOL.

(Did you get the email i sent OK BTW ?)

Anyway back to the 1129, the 1121 wings whilst similar in shape are a bit smaller that the 1129's but might be very handy for the 1125 at a later date.


Geoff B B)  


Awesome Valk!!  :wub:

But, shouldn't that F-108 have been in RAF marking as well, to escort it?  ;)

And may I ask what those two ships, entering stage right, might be?  :wub:  


Quoteits a He111Z fitted with He293 missiles.
:huh:  Do you mean Henschel Hs293 missiles below the wings?
[the word "realistic" hurts my heart...]


QuoteAnd may I ask what those two ships, entering stage right, might be? 

Do you mean these two ?

They are HMS Queen Elizabeth R-01 (CVF carrier currently trying to be designed so it can be ordered) and HMS Ocean L-12, LPH (real ship). Both iin 1/600 scale by me.

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Yep, that Valkyrie is an impressive site.  You need to provide more pics, if possible.  And of the other subjects nearby (I see T-Tails!).

You're right about the long joins in any such kit.  I know some suggest using capillary action with penetrating CA glues for such long joins but I always end up wearing the damn kit wherever I go for a week!

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Great Valk' Lee, but I never realised how big it was !

Decals my @r$e!


HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Would you look at the size of that thing  :o  :o  :o  :o

It dwarfs the Vulcan......

Whats What-if about the 2-seat 74 squadron Lightning?  I think I spy a large belly tank, so are we talking about an RAF T.55 equivalent?

Ollie, in case you haven't gathered from all us Brits, Halfords paints rule  :wub:   Their White Primer/Appliance White is the best white finish you can get, bar none.
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I had thought of doing the Val up in Airforce One colours. You know how there is this constant game of oneupmanship. You know, the presidential limo in the bomb-bay, a small oval office behind the pilots, and space for a few aids. Imagine the Pres of the US arriving in Moscow onboard that beastie. Mind you, you'd need to seriously support such a plane for that role.

The present AF1 being a 747 has a lot of coushie extras. When I studied the structural drawings of the Valkarie it was clear that there was seriously no room left for a president and a few aids to wander about and discuss issues. The bomb-bay was tiny compaired to what I thought it would be and most of the aft fuselage was dedicated to fuel storage. Still, it would have been a fast Air Force One!
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QuoteLockheed had been lined up by BAC as prime contractor for TSR2, and the French were interested in licence production of TSR2 to replace the Mirage 4.
Really only fair of BAC since they were to serve as Prime on the BAC222 version of the C-130.
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Oh yeah...that Valkyrie  is sweet alright !

And huge !

Now...why aren't you guys writing articles for the site, with all these beauty kits you build ?

:wub:  :wub:  
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