an East European Mottled Moth Hawk

Started by Glenn, June 04, 2004, 07:09:55 PM

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Hey Ollie,
    Look what I saw! I was in my back yard, taking a few shots when I heard this strange 'bird call', and behold, this small bird came in and landed on a branch near me!
Well, you could have knocked me down with a feather, I mean, after seeing the BIG one you shot, (you know, attacking that Cassna) I had to find out more about it.
While mum watched it, I rushed inside and found my 'Observers Book of Cyberbirds of Europe', and there it was on P.37.
An East European Mottled Moth Hawk. A quick call to the Cyberbirds society of Queensland told me to feed it raw mince, (grouned beef) and aviation gas. I asked him if Vodka would do? It was with us for a while, took a couple of shots, and then it was off, boy does that bird have speed!


[the word "realistic" hurts my heart...]


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The two don't really look anything alike, but when I first saw it, you rmodel made me think of this:
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Captain Canada

Wow, Lyn....that's awesome !

Looks too real with that photography of yours !

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Glenn, I'm sorry to say that your ID is mistaken. It is undoubtably a Lizard-eating MiGhawk.   :P

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Impressive Glen!!

I like it!!

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I have done some research, and I have determined that the best way to distinguish the East European Mottled Moth-Hawk and the Lizard-eating MiGhawk is their call.

Moth-Hawk: "Su-khoi! Su-khoi! Su-khoi!" repeated ad nauseum.

MiGhawk: "BURP!"