The Hunter and the Hunted

Started by NARSES2, March 31, 2011, 07:18:26 AM

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When the US invaded the Phillipines in May 1946 a new and nasty suprise awaited the landing forces. As the invasion fleet prepared to launch it's assault craft a host of Japanese aircraft took to the air from small camouflaged airstrips all over the island of Luzon. The USN had been expecting the Japanese air forces to make an appearance but this attack took them by suprise. The majority of the attacking aircraft were small single engined aircraft of a type that had not been seen before loaded with a single large bomb . The accompanying fighters were apparently just there to ensure that the smaller aircraft got through. A large number were shot down by the defending forces but some inevitably got through. Then the second suprise of the day struck, literally ! As the attack aircraft dived on their targets they didn't pull out but impacted along with their weapons on the targets below. The USN had just suffered the first organised suicide attacks of WWII. Initially the shock of the new tactics effected the defenders but within a short space of time they had reacted to this new threat and had started to develop the tactics needed to deal with it. Initially shipping losses were heavy but things could have been worse if the Japanese had targeted the transports rather then the warships. Ultimately whilst a frightening and relatively successfull weapon the Kamikaze (as they were known by the Japanese) attacks achieved little in the long run and the US went on to retake the Phillipines by March 1947.

Forewarned by these attacks on US shipping the Anglo/French forces poised to invade Southern China from Indo China decided to try and pre-empt any attacks on their own smaller forces. Thus there began a huge intelligence operation spearheaded by the allies recce aircraft. Thus began a game of hunter and hunted.

First the Hunter :

Spitfire PR XIX of of 681 Sqn RAF flown by New Zealander W/O R.K. Brown based at Hanoi in Northern Indo China.

Airfix kit with Freightdog long range tank, Quickboost exhausts and transfers from the Rising Decals S.E.A.C. Fighters set.
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Now the Hunted :

Nakajima Ki -115 Tsurgi of the 8th Specal Attack Division Formosa Island June 1946

Special Hobby kit build strictly OOB. Very nice if some of the small resin bits are plain daft for normal people - so I left them off  :rolleyes:

Do not condemn the judgement of another because it differs from your own. You may both be wrong.


neat modelling those look really good 'dogfight doubles' anyone?  :thumbsup:
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Tsurugi has always called me! :thumbsup:
Nice models :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub:
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Nice indeed. Two lovely clean builds. :thumbsup:
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Doc Yo

 Both very good looking builds!


Both very nice.  Spit looks particularly clean.   I wonder about the "resin bits" - how often do they get used?   :thumbsup:
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Quote from: TsrJoe on March 31, 2011, 07:38:35 AM
neat modelling those look really good 'dogfight doubles' anyone?  :thumbsup:

I was thinking of "Dogfight Doubles" whilst I was building them Joe. Got a couple more twin builds planed.

Quote from: rickshaw on March 31, 2011, 06:15:57 PM
I wonder about the "resin bits" - how often do they get used?   :thumbsup:

The bits that got left out were the individual exhaust stacks. Absolutely tiny little bits, when I did the effort/time spent over enjoyment/effect equation it was a no starter ! My particular resin beef is when you get a wonderfull cockpit insert but if you use it you can't close the fusalage halves  :banghead:

Thanks gents
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Dog fight...hmmmmm I have to do something like this...
I like it,well done Chris  :thumbsup:


Do you have any models at all?


Like them both! What a contrast between the curvy, well evolved spit, and the utilitarian kamikaze machine

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comrade harps

A PRU blue Spit with SEAC roundels - heaven!

As for the Ki-155, a nice little piece.